Iranian tank competes with Russian and Serbians at Army Games near Moscow

An Iranian tank crew competed against Russia and Serbia in the third race of the tank biathlon on the second day of the 2018 International Army Games in Moscow region’s Alabino that began on Friday 27 July.

Iranian tanks compete with Russian and Serbians at Army Games near Moscow
Iranian tank in action during the Army Games 2018 near Moscow (Picture source: RT video)

The first stage of the individual tank biathlon contest in the International Army Games 2018 is taking place in Alabino near Moscow. The Russian team won the tank biathlon challenge, as it went to the landfill for the first time since the beginning of the competition.

Tank crews from Vietnam, Kirghizia, Armenia, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Syria, Belarus, Serbia, Iran, and Russia took part in the competition, according to Russia Today. In total, 189 teams from 32 countries will fight for victory in this year’s edition of the army games, which consist of 28 competitions including contests involving tanks and snipers, as well as different air and sea disciplines.