Army-2021: VPK launches batch production of BTR-82AT APC

The Military-Industrial Company (VPK) has launched batch production of the latest BTR-82AT armored personnel carrier, CEO Alexander Krasovitsky told TASS at Army-2021 forum. "At present, VPK is producing only such vehicles for the Defense Ministry. They have additional protection and bar screens against jet grenades and guided shells," he said.

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BTR-82AT unveiled at Army 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The modernization of the BTR-82A led to the creation of a new modification designated BTR-82AT. To solve combat tasks against highly armored targets such as a tank or a heavy APC/IFV, the BTR-82AT provides for the deployment of portable PTRK Kornet-E missiles. In terms of the composition of the weapons system, security and the ability to solve tactical and fire missions, it becomes in fact an infantry fighting vehicle. The new remotely controlled weapon station was an initiative development. This RWS can be installed on almost any armored personnel carrier, wheeled or tracked, thereby turning it into an infantry fighting vehicle.

The increase in firepower is achieved through the installation of the unified combat module with the electric controls and the digital two-axis stabilizer of the weapon - a 30mm automatic cannon with a 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun. The construction of the unified module allows it to be equipped with various types of machine guns, including foreign-made ones. The combat crew comprises 9 or 10 people. The Turbodiesel engine develops 300hp. The maximum speed on hard surface is 80 km/h. The weight of the updated vehicle is now 17,250 kg.

As displayed at Army-2021, the APC got a better combat module. "We install a new sight to detect objects day and night. The distance is 3 km at night and 2 km in the daytime. There is an independent vision line, a ranger, heat imager, plane stabilization, target lock-on, and tracking. Thus, BTR-82A is changing, upgrading, and serially produced," he said. BTR-82AT has a set of anti-cumulative screens and bars and a combined double-channel thermal sight. It was unveiled at Army-2019 defense forum.