Army-2021: Almaz-Antey displays new 9S38E target acquisition radar for Buk-M3 air defense system

Russian company Almaz-Antey unveils its 9S38E target acquisition radar of Buk-M3 Viking medium-range air defense missile system at Army-2021, International Military Technical Forum that takes place in Patriotic Park near Moscow, Russia.

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The new export version of 9S38E acquisition radar for Buk-M3 Viking medium-range air defense missile system at Army-2021, defense exhibition near Moscow, Russia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The 9S38E is the export version of the target acquisition radar of the Buk-M3 nicknamed Viking, the latest generation of medium-range air defense missile system in the Buk family designed and manufactured by the Russian company Almaz-Antey. The 9S38E is able to detect aerial targets at 200 km.

All the vehicles of the Buk-M3 battery are based on the GM-5955 tracked armored vehicles. The launcher vehicle of Buk-M3 is equipped with six 9M317M missiles, which are housed in cylindrical containers.

The Buk-M3 Viking combat assets consist of five vehicles including the 9S510M fire control station and command post, 9A317M guided missile launcher unit, the 9A316M launcher unit, the 9S36M Illumination and guidance radar, and the new 9S38 target acquisition radar.