Army 2019: Zenit displays main battle tank sights

Zenit (Rostec) displays some main battle tank sights at Army-2019, held near Moscow June 25-30.

Army 2019 Zenit displays main battle tank sightsTO1 KO4DT
Hybrid command targeting and surveillance system "TO1-KO4DT" (Picture source Army Recognition)

Hybrid command targeting and surveillance system "TO1-KO4DT"

TA hybrid command targeting and surveillance system "TO1-KO4DT" is mounted on armored vehicles to observe the bayttlefield, detect and recognize immobile and mobile targets, find range to target using laser rangefinder in any operation mode. It is also used for pinpoint firing from gun, coaxial machine gun and anti-aircraft machine gun while stationed or on the move.

The "TO-KO4DT" system has three optical channels (daytime x1, daytime multiple magnification and thermal imaging) housed in a single case. Each channel's FOV will be stabilized by equalizing the main mirror which is a joint structural element for all three channels.

The systems features the following merits :

- Availibility of a thermal imaging channel;

- Target rangefinding using a laser rangefinder in any operation mode;

- Enhanced visibility distance in a nighttime mode (thermal imaging)


Operating conditions:

- Operetaing temperature range varies from -50°C to +50°C

- Single shock at an acceleation amplitude up to 500g

- Operation with exposure to sand, dust, dew and excessive humidity


Army 2019 Zenit displays main battle tank sights IRBIS K
Thermal imaging system IRBIS-K (Picture source Army Recognition)

Thermal imaging system IRBIS-K

The thermal imahing system Irbis-K is intended to be installed on the type-188 vehicles (tank T-90) for terraon observation, search, detection and recognition of a target jointly with the tank's equipment at halt or on the move at any time of the day.

Distinctive features:

- Additional x2 electronic magnification

- Transfer of video image to the viewing device using a serial digital link

- Automatic compensation of FOV stabilizers's drifts

- Automatic compensation of trhermalzero bias of angle sensors

- Capability of a target kill from gunner's station with automatic ranging or with manual ranging in an emergency mode using the "baseline on target" method.

- Capability of f a target kill from commander's station with automatic ranging usuingthe "baseline on tarhet" method.

Operating conditions:

- Operating temperature range: from -50°C to 55°C

- Vibration load within a frequency range of 

* 10-40Hz with a shift amplitude of 0.16 mm

* 40-120 Hz with an accelaration amplitude of 1g

* 120-500 Hz with an accelaration amplitude of 0.165 g

- Single shocks with acceleration amplitude up to 500g

- The system is operable if exposed to sea, fog, dust, hoar frost, dew and excessive humidity.


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