New T-15 IFV Infantry Figfhting Vehicle with 57mm cannon at Army-2018

Uralvagonzavod Plant (UVZ) has fitted the latest T-15 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle, based on the Armata platform, with a new combat module having a 57 mm caliber cannon. In addition it has armed the vehicle with Ataka anti-tank guided missiles. This model of the vehicle has been demonstrated at the static exposition of the Army-2018 forum.

New T 15 IFV Infantry Figfhting Vehicle with 57mm cannon at Army 2018 925 001
New T-15 IFV with 57mm cannon at Army-2018 defense exhibition near Moscow, Russia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Previously, the T-15 platform had been fitted with a combat module having a 30 mm cannon and Kornet ATGW system with two subsonic missiles. In this configuration, for instance, the vehicle had been demonstrated at the Victory Parade.

Armata is a heavy standardized platform on whose basis the Uralvagonzavod Corporation has created the T-14 heavy tank, T-15 heavy combat vehicle, and T-16 maintenance and evacuation armored vehicle. It is expected that based on the Armata platform other vehicles will be built, for instance, a transporter-loader, mine planter, and bridge layer.