Volgograd Tractor Factory showcases updated 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 tank destroyer at Army-2016 20709161

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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
Press Release Army 2016
Volgograd Tractor Factory showcases updated 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 tank destroyer at Army-2016
At Army-2016 International Military Technical Forum, the Russian company Volgograd Tractor Plant is showcasing an improved variant of the Sprut light tank, the 2S25M Sprut-SDM1. A self-propelled tank destroyer, the Sprut is currently in service with the Russian airborne troops.
2S25M Sprut-SDM1 nouvelle version 0012S25M Sprust-SDM1 at Army-2016
The 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 is being developed by Volgograd Tractor Plant and KurganMachinery & Industrial Group N.V. The Russian Defense Ministry will launch the official tests of the upgraded Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled antitank gun (SPATG) in 2016, according to the press office of the Tractor Plants Corporation.

The Sprut-SDM1 SPATG features the 2A75M gun, which characteristics are almost on a par with those of the 2A46M5 tank gun. It fires all projectiles designed for the T-72 and T-90 main battle tanks. The 2A75M’s ammunition load comprises 40 rounds - 22 in the mechanized stowage and 18 stowed elsewhere in the vehicle. The Sprut-SDM1 also has the coaxial PKTM machinegun as an auxiliary weapon.

The main armament of the Sprut-SDM1 is the same as the previous version, but the vehicle is fitted with a new fire control system and new panoramic sight mounted to the rear top side of the turret. The panoramic sight is similar to the system used on the T-90MS main battle tank. The gunner is equipped with anew firing sight with thermal channel and automatic tracking system.




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