OmskTransmash’s new MMK bridge layer makes first appearance at Army 2016 20809163

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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
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OmskTransmash’s new MMK bridge layer makes first appearance at Army 2016
A new bridge mechanized complex made its first public appearance this week at Army 2016 International Military Technical Forum held in Moscow region. The MMK bridge layer is designed for organizing the bridge crossings with a high traffic capacity through the water and upland obstacles along the field and front-line routes of the troop movement.
MMK pictureNew MMK bridge layer at Army 2016
In 1998, the “Pisk” R&D work started to develop a new bridge mechanized complex. It has been developed as an auxiliary means to cross the narrow obstacles, allowing installation of an unsupported bridge crossing of 41m long and 60 t in capacity.

In 2013, the bridge mechanized complex was phased in for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by Order No. 622 of the Minister of Defense.

Owing to the original construction of the bridge bay of the span, its transfer from the travelling position to the working one takes place under the action of gravitiy, thus decreasing the energy losses and the time of the bridge crossing organization.

The MMK bridge mechanized complex differs in high level of mechanization of the span assembly and multiple use of the bridge design elements and their interchangeability.

The MMK system is based on the Ural-53236 truck. The bridge has a length of 40 m and a width of 4 m. It takes 45 min to a 11-strong crew to mount a 40m-long bridge.