The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia are composed with two main services: the Army, and the Air Force and Air Defense. It was partially formed out of the former Soviet Army forces stationed in the Armenian SSR. Armenia has no navy. The Commander-in-Chief of the military is the President of Armenia, currently Serzh Sargsyan. The Ministry of Defense is in charge of political leadership, currently headed by Seyran Ohanian, while military command remains in the hands of the General Staff, headed by the Chief of Staff, who is currently Lieutenant-General Yuri Khatchaturov. The total active manpower of the Armenian armed is around 46,800 military personnel, including 26,800 conscripts. The conscription is 24 months. There is also a Para-military force with 4,740 police officers and 1,700 Border troops. The land Forces of Armenian Army are around 43,770 soldiers, with the structure:
- 5 Army Corps HQ’s
- 1 HQ Corps with 1 independent tank battalion, 1 maintenance battalion, 1 independent recce battalion, 2 independent motorised infantry regiments.
- 2 HQ Corps with 1 independent artillery battalion, 1 independent tank battalion, 2 independent recce battalions, 1 independent infantry regiment, 2 independent motorised rifle regiments.
- 3 HQ Corps with 1 independent signal battalion, 1 independent infantry regiment, 1 independent artillery battalion, 1 independent tank battalion, 1 independent recce battalion,1 independent MRLS battalion, 1 maintenance battalion, 4 independent infantry motorised regiments.
- 4 HQ Corps with 1 signal battalion, 1 independent self-propelled artillery battalion, 4 independent motorised infantry regiments.
- 5 HQ Corps with 2 fortified areas and 1 independent infantry motorised regiment, 1 independent infantry regiment.

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