Russian armed forces will receive 40,000 AK-12 assault rifles in 2020

Russian Army infantry and reconnaissance units continue receiving AK-12 assault rifles, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office said, on April 3, 2020. In accordance with the state defense order, the defense contractor will hand over 40,000 AK-12 assault rifles to the Russian armed forces in 2020.

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Kalashnikov AK-12 5.45mm caliber assault rifle. (Picture source Army Recognition)

In 2020, an Eastern Military District combined-arms large unit and a Western Military District special operations large unit have received assault rifles of the type, the press office added “The 5.45mm AK-12 assault rifle is an individual weapon designed for servicemen of Russian Armed Forces combined-arms and other units,” the press office said.

“Some design solutions have been implemented to ensure higher combat effectiveness, versatility, fire accuracy and density,” the press office added.

The Russian Company Kalashnikov Concern said the Russian Defense Ministry is so far the only customer of AK-12 which is to gradually replace AK-74M. AK-12 was designed for Ratnik combat outfit as an element of the prospective gear of Russian troops.

On 6 September 2016, it was reported that Kalashnikov Concern introduced the final production model of the AK-12, which is derived from the well-proven AK-400 (Base Prototype) and has replaced the earlier prototype models. There were two base models that were introduced, the AK-12 which is chambered in 5.45×39mm cartridge and the AK-15 which is chambered in 7.62×39mm cartridge.

The AK-12 completed its operational testing and passed military field tests in June 2017. Both AK-12 and AK-15 completed testing in December 2017. In January 2018 it was announced that the AK-12 and AK-15 have been adopted by the Russian military.

Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle is a gas-operated, selective fire weapon using traditional type action with long-stroke gas piston and rotary bolt locking as a standard Kalashnikov assault rifle. Firing selector levers are located above the pistol grip, at both sides of the rifle. The AK-12 features three firing modes: single shot, three-shot burst, and automatic fire.