Russia tested a new hypersonic vehicle warhead 42504162

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Russia tested a new hypersonic vehicle warhead
Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces have successfully launched an RS-18A (NATO SS-19 Stiletto) intercontinental ballistic missile, carrying a hypersonic cruise vehicle, according to Interfax news agency. The missile was launched from the Orenburg region. The Russian Ministry of Defence has neither confirmed nor denied the report.
Russia tested a new hypersonic vehicle warhead
The RS-18 ICBM missile after its launch (Photo: Russia Today)

The hypersonic vehicle is allegedly capable of conducting yaw and pitch manoeuvres, thus rendering it uninterceptable from the enemy defences. These vehicles would eventually be carried with the RS-28 Sarmat ICBMs, which are expected to enter service in 2018, to replace the older R-36/SS-18 Satan, both in silo-based version.

Each RS-28 Sarmat ICBM can carry up to 10 tons of larger or 15 tons of smaller warheads. The glide hypersonic vehicles can deliver either conventional or nuclear warheads. Their speeds range between Mach 5 and Mach 10. Such high speeds make them extremely difficult targets for ballistic missile defence systems.



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