Russia could have deployed Iskander transporter erector launcher in Syria TASS 30104161

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Russia could have deployed Iskander transporter erector launcher in Syria
Russia could have deployed at least one Iskander (NATO reporting name: SS-26 Stone) transporter erector launcher (TEL) at the Humaymim base in Syria, according to satellite imagery provided by Airbus Defense and Space (AD&S) and footage broadcasted by Russian Zvezda TV channel.

The supposed Iskander TEL based on MZKT-7930 wheeled (8x8) chassis was spotted on the east side of the Humaymim airbase. Several foreign experts pointed out, that the spotted vehicle resembled Iskander, not MZKT-based K-300P Bastion (SS-N-5 Stooge) mobile missile coastal defense systems, which is in service of both Russian and Syrian Armed Forces. They suppose, that Bastion requires longer superstructure than Iskander.

Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has not officially confirmed the deployment of Iskander mobile missile system in Syria.

The Iskander TEL could have been deployed to compensate the reduced combat aircraft of Russian air group in Syria. At the same time, Iskander has never been used in action. The operation in Syria may be a baptism of fire for the system as it could destroy land targets almost anywhere in Syria.
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