New Zealand opens new Battle Training Facility 41204161

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New Zealand opens new Battle Training Facility
The New Zealand Defence Forces have inaugurated a new Battle Training Facility (BTF). At a ceremony, which took place in Ardmore, Auckland, Prime Minister John Key officially opened the NZD46 mil. facility, dedicated to the training of the Special Air Service (SAS) personnel.
New Zealand opens new Battle Training Facility
NZSAS personnel demonstrating their capabilities at the new Battle Training Facility
(Photo: New Zealand Defence Forces)

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee said the new BTF is designed for all-weather training and will include areas for live firing, scenario-based environments and structures simulating aircraft and helicopter fuselage, ships’ bridges or public transport vehicles and trains. Simply put, the new BTF allows the rehearsal of full-scale missions.

Thanks to the new training centre, the Special Forces will be able to train in a state-of-the-art facility, replacing the 30 year old one at Papakura. The latter was considered obsolete, as the SAS personnel could not fire the full range of their weapons. The minister also mentioned that the BTF would be used for training by other state agencies as well, such as the New Zealand Police Special Tactics Group. The new project was approved and allocated funds by the Parliament in 2014.