Kalashnikov Concern delivers Vikhr-1 missiles to the Russian Army 40704163

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Kalashnikov Concern delivers Vikhr-1 missiles to the Russian Army
Kalashnikov Concern has announced on 5 April the delivery of the last batch of Vikhr-1 anti-tank guided missiles to the Russian Ministry of Defence. The latest batch of missiles will supplement the one delivered in October 2015, under a RUB13 bil. (USD406 mil. in July 2013 rate) contract signed in July 2013.
Kalashnikov Concern delivers Vikhr 1 missiles to the Russian Army
A Ka-52 attack helicopter with launchers for Vikhr-1 missiles (Photo: Russian Helicopters)

According to the Alexei Krivoruchko, General Director of the Kalashnikov Concern, the company had been able to resume the state contract in Spring 2014 and establish a large-scale production for the missiles, while replacing imported components with local made ones. The Russian Army uses the Vikhr-1 rockets with its fleet of Ka-52 attack helicopters and the Russian Air Force with its Su-25 Ground-Attack/CAS aircraft.

9K121/Vikhr-1 is a laser-beam riding missile, capable of eliminating ground and air targets. Its tandem high-explosive anti-tank warhead is capable of penetrating armour of up to 1,000 mm thickness with ERA protection. It has a range of up to 8 km and 10 km when fired from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft respectively. The missile also features a proximity fuze making it capable of eliminating air platforms.