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Indra launches innovative driving simulator for military vehicles
Indra has introduced to the market a new innovative simulator for military vehicles. The new system uses a roll in/roll out cab exchange system depending on the vehicle type interior the user wants to simulate.
Indra launches innovative driving simulator for military vehicles
A driver during training inside the roll in / roll out cab (Photo: Indra)

The system has been designed for 4-wheel drive military vehicles. It allows the operator to train in a wide range of scenarios. These include driving in simulated desert, countryside, mountain, highway or city roads, in a variety of weather and ground conditions (mud, ice, dust etc), even with the use of NVGs, with full motion and sounds. Furthermore, the system can train drivers in the use of mine-clearing equipment, such as rollers.

The simulator uses a cab exchange system. Such an innovative design offers the user the advantage to change the cab, which is in a roll in/roll out package, so as to train drivers in different vehicle interiors. Therefore, the modularity in its design means that the user can procure one simulator with various different vehicle interiors, instead of acquiring a simulator for every vehicle type in its inventory.

Moreover, the system can be integrated in a network, offering joint virtual exercises with similar systems located at other bases. The drivers’ actions are constantly monitored, recorded for subsequent analysis and evaluated.

Indra has already delivered two systems to the Spanish Armed Forces, for use at the National Training Centre of San Gregorio in Zaragoza. These simulators have been adapted for training in the BAE Systems RG-31 Nyala and the IVECO LMV vehicles.