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Hamas deploys security forces to borders with Egypt
Hamas has deployed additional security forces at the borders with Egypt on 14 April, in an effort to ease security related tensions with Cairo. Hamas’ spokesman, Iyad Al Basm told Agence France Press last Thursday that “national security forces started to increase the number of troops and double the security bases along all the southern border with Egypt, to be able to control the border better.”
Hamas deploys security forces to borders with Egypt
Egyptian Border Guard on patrol and search mission
at the country's borders (Photo: Egyptian MoD)

Relations between Hamas and Egypt have been under strain since the rise to power of Abdel Fatah al Sisi. Cairo has been accusing Hamas of support Islamist terrorists in Sinai. The two sides have been negotiating lately in an effort to improve their relations. Hamas officials have lately stated that their organization will not be a threat to Egypt. The decision to increase border security forces is a show of good will.

According to AFP, Hamas has set up three new bases, with work underway in order to make the camps permanent infrastructure for the security forces.

Today, Israel and Egypt announced the finding of two tunnels. The first one extended from Gaza Strip to southern Israel, while the other from Gaza to Egypt. Both were destroyed by Israel an Egypt. Such tunnels are regularly used to smuggle people and weapons or support attacks against the two countries. Hamas’ stated that this tunnel was a drop in the sea, compared to what it prepared in order to liberate the holy places.