BAE Systems to transform US Army’s Bradley M3 vehicles to M2 40704164

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BAE Systems to transform US Army’s Bradley M3 vehicles to M2
The US Army has contracted BAE Systems to transform Bradley M3 vehicles to M2, with a cost of USD25.3 mil. The company was the only one to submit an offer for the firm, fixed-price contract. Work will be undertaken at the York, PA, factory. Its completion is planned for 30 March 2018.
BAE Systems to transform US Army s Bradley M3 vehicles to M2
A Bradley M3 ODS-SA (Photo: BAE Systems)

The programme will result in the transformation of 43 Bradley M3s to M2 IFVs, and of 13 M3 Operation Desert Storm – Situational Awareness to M2 ODS-SA standard. The decision is the result of the Army’s effort to sustain its infantry fighting vehicles fleet after the cancellation of the Ground Combat Vehicle programme.

The M3 is a scout version carrying the crew plus two scouts, while the M2 is the IFV carrying the crew plus six infantry soldiers. The ODS-SA versions have a Beyond Line-of-Sight network capability due to the digital satellite communications package and digital architecture. In addition, they feature an improved armour protection, which can be further upgraded depending on the mission.