Austrian Army procures Fuel Dispensing Racks from WEW 41104161

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Austrian Army procures Fuel Dispensing Racks from WEW
TThe Austrian Army has selected to procure new fuel dispensing systems from WEW after an extensive evaluation period. The Fuel Dispensing Rack (FDR) was designed to be highly flexible and easily transported by trucks, trains or vessels, delivering fuel or water to deployed military or homeland security forces.
Austrian Army procures Fuel Dispensing Racks from WEW
The Fuel Dispensing Rack offloaded by a logistical truck (Photo: WEW)

Austrian Bundesheer has agreed to acquire 20 units, in two batches, in the following 12 months. All of them will be used to transport diesel and kerosene.

The system comprises of a 10,000-litre, 20-foot long tank, integrated inside an ISO frame. The racks can be easily transported by logistics trucks featuring the Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS) or the Enhanced Pallet Load System (EPLS). The contract included the design and construction of the fuel pumping system, making the overall system ready for use upon arrival to its destination.

WEW has delivered similar systems to other NATO countries, including the German and UK Armed Forces. The latter had deployed such units to Afghanistan. Additional systems are in use with the Lower Austria Fire Service for aviation fuel and water delivery.