Singapore could acquire Russian-made Igla-S SA-24 man-portable missile system MANPADS 2704143


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Sunday, April 27, 2014 01:00 PM
Singapore could acquire Russian-made Igla-S SA-24 man-portable missile system MANPADS.
According the Russian press agency ARMS-TASS, Singapore could acquire the latest generation of Russian-made man portable air defense missile system (MANPADS) Igla-S (SA-24). Currently, Singapore armed forces use the Igla (SA-18) in man portable version but also mounted on M113 armoured personnel carrier vehicle.

In 1997, the Singapore has acquire Igla missile for its Air Defence Systems Division (ADSD). The IGLA weapon system was developed by KBM (Konstruktorskoe Bjuro Mashinostroenia) of Russia.

The system was procured primarily by Singapore because of its cost-effectiveness, performance capabilities and simplicity in operations. With this acquisition, IGLA will complement the existing Air Defence Systems like the I-Hawk, Rapier, Mistral, RBS 70 and 35mm Anti-aircraft Guns to form a multi-layered Air Defence System. The IGLA belongs to the same category of air defence systems as the French-made Mistral.

The IGLA is designed to engage low-flying aircraft, including helicopters. It is a man-portable, shoulder-launched, short range missile system, comprising a missile and a launching mechanism. The IGLA is capable of intercepting targets up to 5 km in range and 3 km in altitude. The high speed of the missile enables interception of the target to be achieved quickly.

The Igla mounted on M113 APC is a Short Range Air Defence (SHORAD) System that provides low level air defence to the Army and its critical assets. It is operated by the Divisional Air Defence Group. The M113 Igla has two variants - the Weapon Fire Unit (WFU) which is equipped with an Igla Missile Launcher and the Integrated Fire Unit (IFU), which has an additional radar. It enhances the RSAF's ability to engage threats more responsively and precisely.

The SA-24 Grinch (Russian name Igla-S 9K338) is the latest generation of Russian portable air defense missile system. The SA-24 Grinch Igla-S is a further development of the Igla family systems (SA-18 and SA-16).

The target engagement has increased to 6 km compared with the 5 km of the Igla (SA-16 / SA-18) system.


M113 of Singapore Army with Igla launcher air defense missile system