Singaporean company Wong Fong presents new remote controlled field loader Crayler during APHS 42910151

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APHS 2015
27 - 30 October 2015
Wong Fong at APHS 2015
Singaporean company Wong Fong presents new remote controlled field loader Crayler during APHS
Wong Fong proposes at Asia Pacific Homeland Security the Crayler is a radio remote-controlled, easily deployed all-wheel drive field loader. It is designed for maximum safety, performance, efficiency and versatility. With a maximum lifting capacity of 1300 kg at 600 mm load distance and 2810 mm height.
Singaporian company Wong Fong presents new remote controlled field loader Crayler during APHS 2015 640001Wong Fong exhibiting at APHS 2015

The Crayler has superior off-road capabilities, with a three dimensional articulation at the universal joint keeping all its wheels on the ground. Its powerful three cylinder diesel engine enables it to achieve a gradient ability of 30 percent.

With a low centre of gravity, the Crayler is able to attain a good lift to weight ratio, with lifting capacities up to 1300 kg at a maximum lifting height of 2810 mm.

The total deployment time for the Crayler is 30 seconds, the fast deployment being an advantage in emergency situations. The Crayler is operated by a Hetronic remote control and does not require a line of sight. The range of approximately 300 m allows traversing of dangerous areas, ensuring separation between man and machine. It is possible to control the Crayler from inside a secured vehicle, providing additional safety if required.

The Crayler can be customised with an almost endless selection of attachments to suit various applications. These include camera systems, grab systems, trailer couplings, dozer blades, crane arms or even fire-fighting equipment such as water and foam hoses.

This product has already been deployed in numerous instances around the world, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions, peace support operations as well as combat and airfield defence operations.

The Crayler is a product of the PALFINGER Group, the leading international manufacturer of innovation lifting solutions and world market leader in loader cranes, marine cranes and wind cranes. It is the first company to introduce this type of military equipment into the market, and is the brand leader in this industry.


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