CNIM Showcasing PTA Assault Bridge, PFM Floating Bridge & L-CAT Craft at APHS 2015

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APHS 2015
27 - 30 October 2015
CNIM at APHS 2015
CNIM Showcasing PTA Assault Bridge, PFM Floating Bridge & L-CAT Craft at APHS 2015
At APHS 2015 the Asia Pacific Homeland Security Show currently taking place in Singapore, French company CNIM is showcasing three of its force projection systems: Teh PFM, Motorized Floating Bridge, the PTA, Modular Assault Bridge and the L-CAT, Landing Catamaran.
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PFM a bridging system providing continuous and discontinuous crossing of wet gap for main battle tanks, armored vehicles or civilian vehicles. A 100m long bridge can be built in 30 minutes. To best fit the Army’s needs, PFM has two configurations and can be set up as a bridge or a ferry thanks to its modular, autonomous and motorized sections. It is an all-in-one product with no limitations in length of the bridge.

sprat is a unique and modern bridge layer system adapted to front line situations. Within the combat theatre, CNIM Modular Assault Bridge offers close combat crossing support for tanks and armored assault units. PTA is fast, modular and adapted to all-terrain launching.

Patented by CNIM, L- CAT® is a totally innovative fast amphibious ship based on the integration of a mobile loading platform in a catamaran hull. It allows no compromise : it has the speed of a catamaran and via the mobile loading platform, a very shallow draft. L- CAT® can land an infantry platoon, tanks and equipment in the absence of port infrastructure and shallow waters. L- CAT® is perfectly suited to loading / unloading from holds, docks or beaches with very low gradient. Thanks to its propulsion system, it has excellent high and low speed maneuverability. Its good sea keeping performance ensures safe navigation in high sea states. In service since 2011 in the French Navy, L-CAT® regularly participates in military and civilian operations worldwide.