Russia to continue rearming in 2021 – Part 2

The Russian armed forces will continue rearming in 2021. The acceptance into service of various arms is usually done by closed orders of the Defense Ministry. publication analyzes which weapons may be supplied to the Russian army in 2021 and later.
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T-14 Armata (Picture source: Army Recognition)

S-500 Prometheus (or Triumfator 55R6M) is the fifth-generation air defense system (ADS) based on a separated destruction of ballistic and aerodynamic targets. S-500 is to be completed in 2021. It is a long-range weapon capable of high-altitude interception of ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere. S-500 ADS has a range of 600 km. It can simultaneously detect and destroy ten ballistic targets flying at a speed of 7 km/sec, as well as reentry vehicles of hypersonic cruise missiles.

Fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jet destroys all types of air, ground and sea targets. It develops a supersonic cruising speed and has internal compartments for weapons, radio-absorbing coating, and the latest onboard equipment. The Aerospace Forces will get four Su-57 in 2021. The production pace will then grow to 15 aircraft a year. The 2019 contract for 76 Su-57s will be completed by 2028.

The Defense Ministry decided to accept T-14 tank into service. It is the main battle tank with an unmanned turret on the universal tracked Armata chassis. T-14 is the first tank in the world for netcentric war. It is used mostly for reconnaissance, guidance and fire adjustment of self-propelled guns, antiaircraft weapons, and T-90 tanks of the tactical level. The tank is protected by a new-generation Afganit active armor. It also uses Malakhit dynamic armor to repel over 95 percent of handheld antitank grenades. The front Armata armor is equivalent to 1 meter of homogenous metal armor. It cannot be pierced by existing shells and antitank missiles.

In May 2020, the armed forces received the first batch of Koalitsia-SV 2S35 artillery systems. The Russian industry will mount its production in 2021. Koalitsia-SV is the latest self-propelled gun, which exceeds Russian and foreign analogues in the rate, distance and precision of fire. Its 152mm gun fires over 10 shots per minute, which exceeds other artillery systems. Koalitsia can remotely control fire. Automatic guidance ensures precision, target selection and navigation.

Heavy TOS-2 flamethrower has a wheeled undercarriage (Ural-63706), which increased the cruising range. It has a simplified charging system. It differs from TOS-1 and TOS-1A by a high automation level. TOS-2 is equipped with navigational devices to operate from unprepared sites, automatic guidance and fire control. New munitions are being designed. Besides, TOS-2 has an automatic loading system for munitions. The vehicle is armored against small arms.

Uran-9 robotic system completed acceptance trials in 2020. The design of a number of various robotic platforms is ongoing. Heavy and medium-class Shturm and Soratnik systems are being created for high-tech units of the Ground Forces. Uran-9 is engaged in reconnaissance, fire support and tank destruction. It weighs 12 tons and is armed with a 30mm automatic gun, a 7.62mm machinegun, a Shmel-M flamethrower and Ataka antitank guided missiles.

The new weapons and the development of their engagement theory will change the methods of engaging combined arms formations in combat, said.

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