New precision strike missile system appears at AirShow China 2018

A brand new integrated precision strike missile system has been launched this week at AirShow China 2018, held from 6 to 11 of November in Zhuhai. This platform integrates target reconnaissance, command and control, precision strike and damage assessment into a single vehicle.

Missile launcher unit CM502 001
New precision strike platform unveiled at AirShow China 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

This new precision strike vehicle can fire a wide range of surface-to-air and surface-to-surface munitions, such as the CM-501GA/CM-502 precision strike missile and the CM-501XA/CM-501X loitering missile.

Along with the vertical launch module, the vehicle features a command and control system, technical support components

In oblique and vertical launch modes, the system is mainly used to perform strike on mobile targets, time-critical targets, reverse-slope targets, fixed targets and slow-speed aerial systems.

The CM-50X missile family is being developed and produced by China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC) of China.

Among others, the CM-501GA provides a means for precision strikes on land targets. The missile has a 10km-40km point strike capability and multiple platform compatibility and regional combat capability. The CM-501GA missile comprises sub-systems such as guidance control system with TV/IR seeker, propulsion system and HE fuze-warhead system. The launch system has a launch control unit and a launcher. The system embraces modular structural design, and a multiple box launch system can be set up with different combination of modules.


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