AirShow China 2018: CPMIEC undiscloses LW-30 laser weapon system

The Chinese company CPMIEC has undisclosed a new laser weapon system at AirShow China 2018. The LW-30 is a modern short-range precision laserweapon designed for tracking and destroying UAVs, light aircraft and commercial drone.

LW 30 laser waepon system 001
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The LW-30 is a short-range precision interception laser weapon. It basically consists of a 30kW laser weapon vehicle, a command and communication vehicle, and other support vehicles. It is designed to strike photoelectric guidance equipment, UAV, aerospace aircraft models and RAM.

It is highly responsive; it features a high interception rate and multi-target strike capability, and can shift and aim at a new target within six seconds; it is cost-effective and consumes electricity only, with the cost of less than $1 per firing; it doesn't use ammunition, so there is no need for ammunition transportation and storage; it has small collateral damages and doesn't generate a lot of fragments. According to the designer, LW-30 laser weapon is efficient against land, air and sea targets.

The truck-based system can damage targets from as much as 25 km away with a power beam of as much as 30 kilowatts. 

The LW-30 system is similar to Poly Technologies' Silent Hunter The SilentHunter offers four power patterns: 5kW, 10kW, 20kW and 30kW, its interception radius ranges from 200m to 4,000m and the target capture radius is more than 4,000m. It is able to intercept targets with the diameter of less than 2m and flying speed of less than 60m/s. The laser is said to be able to pierce five layers of 2-mm-thick steel plates at a distance of 800m, or 5-mm-thick steel plate from 1,000m away.

LW 30 laser waepon system 002
(Picture source Army Recognition)


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