Air Show China 2018: ZHZ introduces new TD15 high-speed unmanned helicopter

Among numerous new UAVs launched by Beijing Zhonghangzhi Technology Co. Ltd (ZHZ) at Air Show China is the TD15 high-speed unmanned helicopter.

ZHZ introduces new TD15 high speed unmanned helicopter 925 001
New ZHZ TD15 high-speed unmanned helicopter unveiled at AirShow China 2018, Zhuhai. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The TD-15 "plateau" high-speed unmanned helicopter is a medium-lift composite coaxial reverse pitch tail-thrust unmanned helicopter that Beijing Zhonghangzi Technology (ZHZ) developed in line with future development in the helicopter technology field. Undoubtely, its specific design is highly similar to the Sikorsky S-97 Skyraider.

The ZHZ TD-15 has been designed to rapidly reach the target area for performing rescue missions faster than conventional helicopter, thanks to its 450 km/h maximum speed. Its missions range also includes riot control, bordel patrol, civil SAR, shipborne anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, and battlefield reconnaissance and strike support. It has a maximum payload capacity of 350 kg.

The TD-15 is characterized by its high performance indexes, high engine power and high lift efficiency. It is able to resist to up to Beaufort 8 (20m/s) wind.

The TD-15 UAV has a service ceiling of 6500 m and a HOGE altitude of 5000 m. It also features a climb rate of 5m/sec, an endurance of 3.5 hours and an operational range of 1200 km.