ADEX 2017: Hanwha Techwin Showcasing its Large UGV

At ADEX 2017, the International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition currently held in Seoul, South Korea, local company Hanwha Techwin is showcasing its large unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

Hanwha UGV unmanned ground vehicle South Korea ADEX 2017 news Hanwha Techwin UGV at ADEX 2017

A company representative explained that this design is currently being considered in a ROK Army competition. Its main mission is to "operate in conjunction with other manned vehicles in hostile territory".

The system weighing 5 to 6 tons (depending on the payload) relies on a 6x6 chassis for increased mobility. Its range is up to 500 kilometers thanks to a hybrid diesel engine.

Because of the UGV's main mission, the payload consists mostly in weapons: 12.7mm remote weapon station (RWS) as showcased at ADEX 2017, anti-tank missiles or rocket launcher. The UGV has some level of autonomy: In case of datalink loss, it can cruise back to its starting point (or a pre-designated location) on its own.

Hanwha will soon test a variant with protective armor to make the UGV even more survivable.