ADEX 2017: Hanwha Land Systems New K105HT Self-Propelled Howitzer

At ADEX 2017, the International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition currently held in Seoul, South Korea, local company Hanwha Land Systems is showcasing the K105HT 105mm self-propelled howitzer for the very first time.

Hanwha Land Systems K105HT ADEX 2017 news 1K105HT self-propelled howitzer on Hanwha Land Systems stand at ADEX 2017

Hanwha Land Systems designed this howitzer following a request from the ROK Army which has more than 3 millions 105mm ammunition rounds in inventory. The company combined the conventional 105mm towed gun with a truck system (Kia 6x6 chassis).

The gun is upgraded with GPS and fire control systems in order to reduce both the crew size and the "ready to fire" time. The conventional 105mm needs 10 minutes to get ready to fire while the K105HT requires less than 5 minutes. It is capable of "shoot and scout" which greatly increases crew survivability.

Hanwha Land Systems K105HT ADEX 2017 news 2Detailed view of the 105mm canon

The K105HT has a crew of 4: Driver, Gunner, Assistand Gunner and Commander. The vehicle has a combat weight of 19 tons and a maximum speed of 90 Km/h. It can carry 60 rounds and has a maximum firing rate of 10 rounds per minutes (3 rounds per minutes sustained). The maximum firing range is 11.3 Km.

The K105HT has already been delivered to the ROK Army and is now fielded. According to Hanwha, this solution also answers the requirement from countries in South East Asia and from emerging markets globally.