Overcomer promotes brand new Hunta all-terrain multirole vehicle 2809164

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Overcomer at ADEX 2016
Overcomer promotes brand new Hunta all-terrain multirole vehicle
If you are looking for a vehicle that can cross sand, soil, water, forestry and snow, then don't look further: HUNTA is for you. HUNTA all-terrain vehicle, desgined by the Belarus-based Overcomer company, is not only designed for security agencies and special divisions but also for geologists and hunters.
Overcomer promotes brand new Hunta all terrain multirole vehicle 640 001Overcomer's HUNTA all-terrain vehicle at ADEX 2016
The HUNTA has unique low pressure tires (between 0.1 and 0.5 bar). Design and tire characteristics provide high maneuverability and buoyancy. Such tires do not damage topsoil due to low ground pressure: less than 0.15 kg/cm2. Flotation is carried out by means of wheels and screw propeller rotation. Change of direction is carried out by means of front steerable wheels.

According to manufacturers the vehicle’s large tyres have been “tested in the most severe operating conditions” and provide “high flotation” with the Overcomer able to hit up to 8km/h on water.

Eight passengers can fit inside the vehicle, which can reach speeds of up 70km per hour on land.With a fiberglass body to keep the crew safe, the Hunta comes with a 100 liter fuel tank with the option of adding an additional 95 liters. It can run on a gasoline or diesel engine. The HUNTA basic configurations comes with a CMD GN 199 AT diesel engine (95 hp).

With a maximum gross weight of 3.3 tons, the HUNTA can carry a maximum payload of 1 ton on road and 700 kg on water.




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