AAD 2018: International debut for Denel T5-52 155mm truck-mounted gun

South Africa's latest long-range artillery system made its international debut at the international defence exhibition AAD 2018 in South Africa. The T5-52 155mm truck-mounted gun system has been developed and manufactured by Denel Land Systems and might soon become part of the firepower in the arsenal of the South African Army.

International debut for Denel T5 52 155mm truck mounted gun AAD 2018 South Africa 925 001
Denel T5-52 155mm truck-mounted gun at AAD 2018, International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in South Africa. September 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The acting CEO of Denel Land Systems, Ismail Dockrat says the weapon system underscores Denel's global leadership in the design and development of long-range artillery. The gun can fire up to seven rounds a minute and effectively destroy targets at ranges between 30km and 43km, depending on the types of projectiles loaded.

"This is a world-leader in its class offering forces unrivalled accuracy, mobility and ease of operation," says Dockrat.

"We are proud to launch the T5-52 at the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2018 which draws defence decision-makers and industry experts from more than 100 countries. Our global reputation in long-range artillery and landward systems is well established and we are confident that the T5-52 will attract interest from countries looking for a highly-mobile, accurate and cost-effective weapon."

The G6-52 self-propelled gun-howitzer is the flagship product of Denel Land Systems and has been acquired by a number of international clients since its launch in 2003. More than 400 G5 and G6 systems have been sold to clients world-wide.

The new T5-52 has the same ballistic system, fire power, range and accuracy as the G5. However, it is more mobile and cheaper to operate and maintain, in line with the global trend towards wheeled artillery systems.

The gun is mounted on a TATRA 8X8 truck which is able to traverse extremely difficult terrain and support forces in the most rugged conditions. The air-conditioned cabin provides the five crew members all-round protection against small arms fire and counter-bombardment fragments.

The gun can be brought into action within 50 seconds and fire at a sustained rate of three rounds per minute. This can be increased to seven round per minute or three round every 15 seconds for short periods of intense action. The gun can engage targets with direct fire over an arc of 180 degrees to the rear. This flexibility ensures that it can be deployed in the traditional gun, howitzer, mortar and direct firing roles.

The state-of-the-art navigation and fire control systems enable fast deployment and orientation in adverse weather conditions, providing a day and night fighting capability from unsurveyed sites. The main weapon is designed to utilise NATO standard 155mm ammunition. However, it excels with South African developed artillery ammunition in terms of range, accuracy and terminal effect.

Dockrat says the SA Army is currently working with Denel on a few refinements before commissioning the T5 in its own arsenal. The local system – the T5-45 – will have all the outstanding characteristics of the primary weapon but fitted with a 45-calibre barrel to fire the SANDF's existing range of 155mm ammunition.

International debut for Denel T5 52 155mm truck mounted gun AAD 2018 South Africa 925 002