AAD 2018: Denel concept of Africa Truck based on RG31 MRAP in live demonstration

South African defence Company Denel presents its concept of "Africa Truck" in live demonstration at Africa Aerospace & Defence exhibition AAD 2018, a potential logistical support vehicle for defence organisations and military forces of Africa. This demonstrator is based on the RG31 Mk6 4x4 MRAP mine protected vehicle but in 6x6 configuration.

Denel concept of Africa Truck based on RG31 MRAP in live demonstration 925 001
The Denel Africa Truck in live demonstration at AAD 2018, Aerospace and Defense Exhibition in South Africa. September 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The design of the new Africa Truck demonstrator is based on the RG31 Mk6 family of vehicles with permanent 6x6 drive, two speed (high and low) transfer gearbox and 6-speed automatic transmission inclusive of a retarder. The vehicle was unveiled for the first time during the edition 2016 of AAD. 

The vehicle was designed in less than 10 weeks thanks to the using of RG31 technology which is use the same components for the front part of the vehicle. The rear part of the new truck uses a double axle offering the capacity to transport container or shelter with high payload capacity.

The Africa Truck (AT) is a 6x6 armoured vehicle with a maximum Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 28 tons and a recommended Combat Mass (CM) of 26 tons.

The all-steel welded armour monocoque crew compartment protects the crew against small arms fire and anti-tank mine detonations of 8 kg under any wheel or under the hull centreline. It provides protection against ballistic and mine threats STANAG 4569 Level 1.

The Africa Truck (AT) is easy to drive on road as well as off-road. The vehicle carries a driver and co-driver. Two front side doors ensure easy entry and exit for the crew. The vehicle color can be customized according to client requirement both on the inside and outside, including the internal fitments of the vehicle.

The vehicle, without equipment fitted, will be C1 7 and C5 transportable. Securing of the vehicle is done by making use of the tie down lugs (front and back).

The Africa Truck (AT) has been designed in a modular fashion to allow for many different top structures (e.g. roll-on/roll-off system).