AAD 2010 Cape Town South Africa
Africa International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2010
21 - 25 September 2010
British Defense Industry at AAD 2010

Thursday, 23 September 2010, 22:56 PM

The British Defense Industry at AAD 2010 with the Vigilant UAV system from UAVSI Company.
The Unmanned Air Vehicle Security & Intelligence (UAVSI), VIGILANT UAV SYSTEM is a sophisticated and highly reliable information gathering tool. Operational in most conditions and over both land and sea, VILGILANT can be utilised to collect various different forms of data via its state of the art sensors. UAVSI has experience over 26 years in producing various types of UAV's.

Operated in full automatic mode the flight is pre programmed before take off for completely autonomous flight out to ranges in excess of 80 Km. Utilising UTSL’s own digital flight control system, incorporating Global Positioning System (GPS) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for navigation; and using the Tactical Control Station (TCS) the VIGILANT UAV System is the most capable information gathering system available. The system can be quickly deployed and is configured for fully automatic operations in both day and night time conditions.Fitted with a latest generation twin sensor fully stabilised gimbal VIGILANT UAV System is one of the most capable platforms in the market. A "quick-change" mission pod system allows for multi-mission capability. VIGILANT operator flight training programs are carried out to customer's individual requirements.


AAD 2010 Cape Town South Africa
Africa International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2010
21 - 25 September 2010
New main battle tank for South Africa

Thursday, 23 September 2010, 19:05 PM

A new main battle tank for the South African armed forces ?
At AAD 2010, the German Defense Company Rheinmetall presents for the first time in Africa, the famous main battle tank Leopard 2A4. According to some information, the South African armed forces are interested to replace the local upgrade main battle tank "Olifant".

German Rheinmetall Leopard 2A4 at AAD 2010 Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition

Several companies are ready to answer this request after the reception of official tender, not available at this time. The Ukrainian State Company Ukrspecexport could propose a solution to South Africa. In order to show its technological capacities to provide a main battle tank, Ukrspecexport presents at AAD 2010 its main battle tank, "Bulat", an upgrade of the T-64 main battle tank. In order to increase the combat efficiency of T-64 main battle tank which are in service in the Ukrainian army, the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau has developed a multi-purpose upgrade package for the T-64. The package includes the measures to improve the mobility characteristics, protection level, and fire control efficiency. It is possible to upgrade the tanks in some areas in any combination according to Customer’s request. Ukrspecexport produces main battle tanks having last technologies of combat as the "Oplot" and the "Yatagan".

Ukrainian "Bulat" main battle tank Ukrspecexport at ADD 2010
Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition

The South African army could consider acquisition for approximately 96 new main battle tank, and to equip thus three battalions. According to the local press, the original request was for 96, six armoured recovery vehicles and four launching bridge vehicle. The final decision could make increase the number of tanks to 132.

Olifant Mk 2 main battle tank South African army at AAD 2010


AAD 2010 Cape Town South Africa
Africa International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2010
21 - 25 September 2010
Diving scooter SBS 730 at AAD 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010, 21:47 PM

The diving scooter SEABOB BLACK SHADOW 730 from the German Company "Rotinor"
At the International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition AAD 2010, the German Company "Rotinor" presents the SEABOB BLACK SHADOW, a diving scooter.

SBS 730 diving scooter

The Seabon Black Shadow 730 (SBS 730) is an extreme high performance diving scooter. It is equipped with modern navigation and sonar technology. The SBS 730 is capable of operating in depths of up to 60 metres. with its E-jet power system the scooter is provided with high performance jet propulsion. The motor performance of the E-jet power system is conytrolled by 10 power levels. Hereby the operator of the SBS 730 can alternate between slow or high speed manoeuvres through the water. The SBS 730 is virtually silent and aboslutely emission-free thereby deployable in all waters. The SBS 730 diving scooter is very capable and can transport two people underwater over great distances.


Video Seabob Black Shadow SBS 730 diving scooter in action



AAD 2010 Cape Town South Africa
Africa International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2010
21 - 25 September 2010
Flying Robots at AAD 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010, 21:47 PM

Flying Robots presents his soft wing UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at AAD.
Founded in June 2004, Flying Robots quickly made its presence felt in the aeronautics world, designing, manufacturing and marketing soft wing UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to complement current aerial systems. The soft wings help to reduce the cost/payload ratio, is capable of very long-haul flights and offers incomparable security.

FR 102 Flying Robots soft woing UAV

The very architecture of the soft wing, the primary security consideration, enables the UAV to glide safely back to the ground if a major problem arises. These automatic aerial systems are capable of transporting a significiant payload (up to 250 kg) more cheaply of flying for lon periods (up to 20h). The FR 102 Systems is made up of a multifunctional aerial platform, a soft wing, radio and video systems, and a made mobile control station on the ground. The FR 102 soft wing aircrfat is the only ones ine the world capable of taking off and landing 100% automatically.


Ground station of UAV FR 102 Flying Robots
The FR 102 is a high payload UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) with a last generation autopilot system, a custom soft wing, 2 GPS and a reliable data link. The FR102 UAS boasts an outstanding payload capacity of 250 Kg, for a duration that can reach 20h depending on the payload. This makes of the FR102 one of the most versatile systems on the market, embarking a great variety of mission-specific modules: cameras, IR sensors, droppable cargo or even a human pilot for particularly sensitive missions. Video footages and flight datas are saved on board and transmitted to the ground, where they are analysed and interpreted by the ground station.


AAD 2010 Cape Town South Africa
Africa International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2010
21 - 25 September 2010
Mercedes-Benz at AAD 2010

Monday , 20 September 2010, 23:00 PM

Mercedes-Benz is presenting a selection of vehicles from its extensive range of products for military customers at AAD 2010.
Mercedes-Benz is presenting a selection of vehicles from its extensive range of products for military customers, with payloads between 0,5 and 110 tones, in Hall 5 stand 5S15 at the AAD 2010 (21 – 25 September 2010). Mercedes-Benz Military division of Mercedes-Benz South Africa offers a full range of military-specific vehicles, backed by all the experience and expertise of the world’s largest and oldest producer of commercial vehicles.

Actros 8x8 Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Actros, Zetros and Unimog ideally suited for Southern Africa
On display is the Actros 3344 A in an 6x6 configuration with a ‘SHARCC’ (Southern Hemisphere armoured cab concept) cab. This cab is designed to conform to a ballistic level 1 and a mine level 3a/3b, with no IED protection. This configuration is geared towards situations typical in Africa and South America, where close-range and small artillery exchanges can occur – but mines remain a bigger threat, especially on untarred roads. The cab is at a concept-level at this stage, with the testing and certification not having being completed as yet.

Zetros 4x4 Mercedes-Benz

The new generation all-wheel-drive Zetros is a conventional-type truck, which is characterised by its “normal control” configuration (cab located behind the engine). Where safe and hospitable roads are few and far between, and the way ahead is made up of only tracks or the terrain itself – for example relief assignments or military operations such as peacekeeping missions – the Zetros is sure to have the answer.

Zetros 6x6 Mercedes-Benz
The all-in-one concept (chassis, cab and vehicle bodies) meets the current requirements associated with high-mobile, on-road and off-road vehicles. The flat cab floor enables the crew to quickly leave the vehicle from the safe side in each case, while the doors, which do not need to be fully opened – as is usual with cab-behind-engine vehicles – also help improve deployment options in confined conditions. Having the driver in a fixed position provides the ideal basis for the installation of all types of add-on roof equipment (weight limits are to be observed), while the walk-on bonnet not only makes such installations easier, but also provides ease of access for cleaning the windows or attaching blackout systems. The forward tilting bonnet in this series facilitates fast and easy access to the engine compartment. The cab does not need to be tilted to service the vehicle. This means that some of the crew can stay in the lower front axle load of the cab-behind-engine design frees up additional payload reserves, which together with the favourable weight distribution opens up unique possibilities when it comes to the design of armoured vehicles.

Unimog Mercedes-Benz with upgrade armor
Completing the display line-up is the Unimog U 5000 that gives maximum mobility in the toughest of terrain. The Unimog U 3 000, U 4000 and U 5000 series for heavy-duty applications under extreme off road conditions have become legendary with their versatility. The Unimog is the vehicle with the greatest off-road capability in the world in permissible gross vehicle weight classes of between 7.5 tonnes and 14.1 tonnes. Thanks to their outstanding off-road capabilities, these Unimog vehicles are perfectly suited to military applications in the most difficult terrain.

Unimog Mercedes-Benz with upgrade armor
Full range of vehicles from 0.5 to 100 tonnes payload
he range of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles with special military equipment combines superb off-road capability with a fording depth of more than 1 000 mm, regardless of payload. These vehicles are similar to the commercially available civilian trucks in the fact that the payloads range from 0.7 tonnes for the G-Class, 0.5 tonnes to 2.0 tonnes for the Mercedes-Benz vans, the Sprinter and the Vito, 3 tonnes to 5 tonnes for the Atego, 5 tonnes to 7 tonnes for the Axor, and right through to 7 tonnes to 18 tonnes for the various two, three or four-axle Actros models.
The low cab design enables the 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles to be air-lifted in transport aircraft such as the Hercules C 130 or the Transall C 160 with a minimum of preparation. Rail transportability is also assured as the vehicle complies with the international loading gauge.

Actros recovery truck Mercedes-Benz
The specific range of military vehicles stands out by meeting military standards and technical specifications, such as all-wheel-drive with single tyres, supreme off-road mobility, ballistic protection, air and rail transportability, fording depths up to 1 195 mm, blackout lighting system, roof hatch, tyre pressure control, etc. The full model line-up extends from the G-Glass to the Unimog U 3 000, U 4000 and U 5000 series, from the Zetros to the Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty truck family with all-wheel-drive.


AAD 2010 Cape Town South Africa
Africa International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2010
21 - 25 September 2010
AAD the largest Aerospace and Defence exhibition in Africa

Monday , 20 September 2010, 17:47 PM

The Aerospace and Defence Exhibition AAD, is the largest exhibition of its kind in Africa.
Africa Aerospace and Defence AAD is a premier event on the international aviation and defence calendar. As a showcase for civil and military aviation, maritime and land-based defence technologies, AAD is the largest exhibition of its kind in Africa.

With the world-class infrastructure of South Africa, AAD is uniquely positioned for exhibiting companies to market their defence products and services to the entire continent and beyond. China is the biggest exhibitor at the Africa Aerospace and Defence AAD 2010, reflecting the growing military might of the Asian giant. The move to be the biggest displayer at the expo is seen as China's attempts to expand military ties with the African countries in lieu of getting access to their minerals and oil reserves. For the Defence Companies of South Africa, AAD 2010 is the biggest event to present their last military technologies and innovations in the air, maritime and land-based sector. Other countries that will take part in the largest defence exhibition of its kind in Africa include the US, France and the UK. Indian companies such as BrahMos Aerospace, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Goa Shipyard Limited are also participating in the show. Global defence manufacturers such as Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Thales and EADS are also going to take part in the four-day event.

With exhibitors from all over the world, AAD is a unique place for networking opportunities and face-to-face business interaction. During five days from the 21 to 25 September 2010, the city of Cape Town become the most central point in the world for military official delegation and decision makers to see the latest technologies and innovation in the navy, land and air defence sectors. Covering the full spectrum of leading edge aviation products and defence-related technologies, AAD 2010 will highlight contemporary developments in this area. Niche sectors incorporated into AAD 2010 cover commercial and general aviation, homeland security, humanitarian relief and disaster management, freight and forwarding services, as well as search and rescue.

AAD 2010 it's also a comprehensive flying programme, with slots for demonstration flights, enables aerospace companies to demonstrate their products to potential clients. A dynamic vehicle track allows for the demonstration of land-based products, while the close proximity of the Cape Town harbour and the V&A Waterfront offer berthing of ships and other maritime exhibits.