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M978 A2 Oshkosh Fuel Servicing Truck Tanker

Oshkosh HEMTT M978 A2 Fuel Servicing Truck tanker
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The U.S. Army M977 A2 HEMTT series mobility tactical truck has been developed by Oshkosh Truck Corporation for cross-country military missions carrying payloads up to 13 tons (9979 kg). The full line up of M977 A2 models, five cargo trucks, a fuel servicing truck, a load handling system. With multiple capabilities, these trucks are critical to mission success. The M977 A2 vehicles are used for direct rearming of the Multiple Launch Rocket System; transport of Patriot erectors/launchers; resupply of field artillery ammunition and forward area rearm in armor, cavalry and infantry units; refueling of tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles and helicopters in forward areas; and recovery of disabled wheeled and tracked vehicles. The two-person, two-door forward control cab is of heavy-duty welded steel construction with corrosion-resistant skins. To reduce procurement and life cycle costs, the HEMTT features extensive use of commercial automotive components including an Oshkosh truck cab, standard eight-cylinder diesel engine and a standard four-speed automatic transmission.
Variants :
No variants for this model.
Technical data 
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The M978 A2, is the standard version of the HEMTT fitted with a fuel dream to the back side of the chassis.
Fuel servicing truck
Country users
United States
2 + 1
17,300 kg
Load Weight
28,123 kg
100 km/h
644 km
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