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Oshkosh HEMTT A2 M977 Mobility tactical cargo truck


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General information
The U.S. Army M977 A2 HEMTT series mobility tactical truck has been developed by Oshkosh Truck Corporation for cross-country military missions carrying payloads up to 13 tons (9979 kg). The full line up of M977 A2 models, five cargo trucks, a fuel servicing truck, a load handling system. With multiple capabilities, these trucks are critical to mission success. The M977 A2 vehicles are used for direct rearming of the Multiple Launch Rocket System; transport of Patriot erectors/launchers; resupply of field artillery ammunition and forward area rearm in armor, cavalry and infantry units; refueling of tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles and helicopters in forward areas; and recovery of disabled wheeled and tracked vehicles. The two-person, two-door forward control cab is of heavy-duty welded steel construction with corrosion-resistant skins. To reduce procurement and life cycle costs, the HEMTT features extensive use of commercial automotive components including an Oshkosh truck cab, standard eight-cylinder diesel engine and a standard four-speed automatic transmission.
Variants :
M977 A2 Cargo Truck : basic version
M977 A2 EPP : Electrical power plant
M977 A2 LRPT : Lare repair parts transporter
M978 A2 : Fuel servicing transporter truck tanker
HEMTT M983 A2 LET : Light equipment transporter
HEMTT M983 A2 : Patriot missile tractor
M984 A2 : Recovery truck
M985 A2 : Cargo and MRLS resupply
M985 A2 GMT : Guided missile transporter
M1120 A2 HEMTT-LHS : Heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
M1977 A2 CBT : Comon bridge transporter
Technical data
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These HEMTT M977 series were built to stand up to the challenges of the field. With gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) that range from 62,000 lbs. (28123 kg) to 95,000 lbs. (43091 kg), the M977 A2 HEMTTs have the power and agility to climb a 60-percent grade with a full payload of 22,000 lbs. (9979 kg) and even ford water crossings up to 48 inches (1219 mm) deep.
Built with field proven components and a high degree of parts commonality, all models include a 445-horsepower diesel engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and a 2-speed Oshkosh® transfer case with air-operated front tandem axle disconnect. The M977 is powered by a DDC Model 8V92TA/445 hp 12.1 liter DDEC4 engine, coupled to a Allison HD4560P/6-speed automatic transmission and an Oshkosh 55,000/2-speed transfer case.
The HEMTT A2 truck is 8x8 wheeled vehicle. The front and rear tandem axles are single reduction, with driver controlled inter-axle differential locks.
Oshkosh HEMTT M977 trucks are equipped with standard military features, such as front and rear tow eyes,blackout lights, 24-volt electrical systems, and rear pintle hooks for towing trailers and artillery. Standard equipment includes: suspension seats for the driver and passenger, seat belts, heater and defroster, dual sun visors, interior lights, variable speed air windscreen wipers, windscreen washers and electric and air horns. A spare tyre and wheel assembly is mounted behind the cab and provided with a davit to assist in lowering it to the ground.
Cargo truck
Country users
United States, Bahrain, Egypt, Greece, Israel, South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.
2 + 1
17,600 kg
Load Weight
28,123 kg
90 km/h
644 km
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