The Chilean President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Armed Forces, has the power to remove the top military commanders. The total active manpower of the Chilean Armed Forces is around 70,000 personnel, including 17,000 conscripts. There is also a Para-military force with 41,500 military police. The conscription is 12 months in the army.
The land forces of the Chilean Army are around 38,000 soldiers, including 13,000 conscripts, with the structure:
- 6 Mil Regions, 3 Theatres of Ops (North, Centre, South)
- 6 div; org, composition varies; comprise 25 infantry regiments and 10 reinforced (13 motorised, 1 mechanised, 11 infantry), 10 armoured cavalry regiments, 7 artillery regiments, 7 engineer regiments
- Army troops: 1 aviation brigade, 1 engineer regiment, 1 airborne regiment (1 airborne battalion, 1 Special Forces battalion)

Military equipment and vehicles of Chilean Army of Chile