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Stryker M1126 ICV Infantry Carrier armoured vehicle
Stryker M1126 ICV infantry armoured personnel carrier vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American defence industry military technology

The IAV Stryker is a family of 8x8 chassis armored fighting vehicles derived from the wheeled armoured vehicle Canadian LAV III, which in turn was based on the Swiss MOWAG Piranha III 8x8, and produced by General Dynamics Land Systems, in use by the United States Army and recently by Iraq. The United States army has chosen the Stryker vehicle to have the ability to deploy a brigade anywhere in the world within 96 hours, a division in 120 hours, and five divisions within 30 days. The Stryker M1126 IcV is the infantry armoured personnel carrier vehicle version. The vehicle carries a combat squad of 9 soldiers in the rear compartment.


- M1126 ICV : Infantry Carrier Vehicle. Armored personnel carrier version that provides protected transport for 2 crew and a 9 man infantry squad.
- M1127 (RV):
Reconnaissance Vehicle. used by RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition) Squadrons and battalion scouts, moving throughout the battlefield to gather and transmit real time intelligence/surveillance for situational awareness
- M1128 (MGS):
Mobile Gun System. Version armed with an 105 mm M68A1 rifled cannon (M68A1E4)
- M1129 (MC):
Mortar Carrier. armed with Soltam 120 mm Mortar supports infantry with screening obscurants, suppressive forces and on-call supporting fires (HE, illumination, IR illumination, smoke, precision guided, and DPICM cluster bombs).
- M1130 (CV):
Command Vehicle, provides commanders with communication, data, and control functions to analyze and prepare information for combat missions; can also link to aircraft antenna/power for planning missions.
- M1131 (FSV):
Fire Support Vehicle is organic to maneuver companies and provides surveillance and communications (4 secure combat radio nets), with target acquisition identification tracking, designation being transmitted automatically to the shooting units.
- M1132 (ESV):
Engineer Squad Vehicle provides mobility and limited counter mobility support. Integrated into the ESV are obstacle neutralization and lane marking systems and mine detection devices
- M1133 (MEV):
Medical Evacuation Vehicle is the Battalion Aid Station for brigade units, providing treatment for serious injury and advanced trauma.
- M1134 (ATGM):
Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle is armed with the TOW missile to reinforce the brigade's infantry and reconnaissance, providing long-range antitank fires against armour beyond tank gun effective range.
- M1135 (NBC RV): Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle automatically integrates contamination information from detectors with input from navigation and meteorological systems and transmits digital NBC warning messages to warn follow-on forces.

Technical Data
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The Stryker ICV M1126 is equipped with a M151 Kongsberg Protector remote weapon station with a universal soft mount cradle, which can mount either a 0.50-caliber 12.7mm M2 heavy machine gun, MK19 40mm grenade launcher or MK240 7.62mm machine gun. The M151 Protector turret is fully stabilized and provides unmatched observation and engagement capabilities. Detached Line of Sight (DLOS) enables the gunner to keep his sights on target independent of ballistic solution for the weapon/ammunition in use. The PROTECTOR is equipped with thermal imager, color daylight camera and laser range finder. Two groups of eight smoke-grenade discharger are mounted to each side of the turret.
Design and protection

The M1126 Stryker's hull is constructed from high-hardness steel which offers a basic level of protection against 14.5mm rounds on the frontal arc, and all-around protection against 7.62mm ball ammunition. In addition to this, Strykers are also equipped with bolt-on ceramic armor which offers all-around protection against 14.5mm, armor-piercing ammunition, and artillery fragments from 152mm rounds. During the war in Afghanistan, the Stryker vehicle was upgraded with a new v-hull armour kit which increases the protection against land mines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) The driver is seated at the front of the hull on the left with the power pack to his right.

For its power pack the Stryker M1126 uses a Caterpillar diesel engine common in U.S. Army medium-lift trucks, eliminating additional training for maintenance crews and allowing the use of common parts. Because of obsolescence concerns, the Caterpillar 3126 engine was recently replaced by a Caterpillar C7 engine and the Allison 3200SP.
The Stryker M1126 also incorporates an automatic fire-extinguishing system with sensors in the engine and troop compartments that activate one or more halon fire bottles, which can also be activated by the driver, externally mounted fuel tanks, and a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Warfare system which will keep the crew compartment airtight and positively pressurized. The vehicle commander also has access to a day-night thermal imaging camera which allows the vehicle commander to see what the driver sees. The vehicle commander has almost a 360-degree field of vision; the driver, a little more than 90 degrees. In addition, the commander vehicle has an FBCB2 (force XXI battle command brigade and below) digital communications system that allows communication between vehicles through text messaging and a map network, as well as with the battalion. The Stryker M1126 can be transported on the ground using trucks or by air on C-17, C-5 and C-130 aircraft. The C-5 and C-17 aircraft can carry seven and four Strykers respectively.
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One 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher
Country user
United States, Irak
Designer Country
United States
Central tire inflation, NBC protection system, day/night thermal vision, network map and communication system
Troop seating
2 + 9
V-shaped hull, standard armour against small arms firing and shell splinters, armour protection against IDED and land mines.
16,470 kg
100 km/h maximum speed on road
500 km
Lenght, 6.95 m; Width, 2.72 m; Height, 2.64 m
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Stryker M1126 ICV infantry armoured personnel carrier vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American defence industry military technology
Stryker M1126 ICV infantry armoured personnel carrier vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American defence industry military technology
Stryker M1126 ICV infantry armoured personnel carrier vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American defence industry military technology


Stryker M1126 ICV infantry armoured personnel carrier vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American defence industry military technology

Stryker M1126 ICV infantry armoured personnel carrier vehicle technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American defence industry military technology
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