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XK12 S&T Machine Gun


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The Daewoo XK12 is a 7.62 mm calibre machine gun had been developed by Daewoo precision Industries of South Korea, and especially made to be used on armored vehicles or helicopter.
Variants :
No variants at this time
- 7.62 x 51 mm
Technical Data
Lenght : 1,234 mm
Weight : 12 kg
Rate of fire : 650 - 950 rds/min
Magazine : 200 rounds Belt
Country users

Development South Korea

Designer Company
S&T Dynamics Daewoo
S&T Daewoo logo write to the left side
Security selector to the left side of the weapons, SAFE of Firing.
Effective: 800 m
Maximum: 3,600 m
Lenght: 559 mm
Number og grooves: 4
Twist of rifling: right hand
Technical Data
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The XK 12 7.62 mm calibre machine gun, a general purpose machine gun, is capable of being fired from several mounts (aircraft or ground vehicle mounted).
The XK12 machine gun use the standard NATO 7.62 x 51 mm munitions.
Production and usage
The XK12 7.62 mm machine gun was first shown to public in 2009, during the Seoul ADEX International Aerospace and defense exhibition. The XK12 weapon is being developed under direction of the Agency for Defense Development of the Republic of Korea, with the Company S&T Daewoo.
- Quick changeable barrel reduces set-up and barrel change time.
- Gas operated and rotating bolt locking system for greater reliability.
- Adjustable bipod with egress kit for converting mount model to ground fire model.
- Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation.
- Retractable polymer buttstock for manoeuvrability in any conditions.
- MIL-STD 1913 mounting rails for various optics, lights and accessories.
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