Ruselectronics develops new TsSS Yantar-T IP closed digital communications system


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Friday, September 26, 2014 11:19 AM
Ruselectronics develops new TsSS Yantar-T IP closed digital communications system
The Omsk Research and Development Institute of Instrument Engineering, which is a subsidiary of Ruselectronics, has developed a new Russian closed digital wireless communications system, the TsSS Yantar-T IP (which is compliant with the TETRA Standard) in order to meet the needs of Russian special services.

Yantar-T IP closed communication system was developed in order to meet the needs of Russian special services (Illustrative Picture)

According to a company press release, the Ruselectronics development will help address the pressing issue of import substitution when designing professional mobile wireless communications systems

In order to develop the new closed communications system, in 2011 the Omsk-based enterprise signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with Rohde & Schwarz (Germany) to deliver and develop TETRA-standard infrastructure equipment produced by the firm.

In 2012 the Omsk Research and Development Institute of Instrument Engineering concluded an agreement with Funkwerk to develop and produce Yantar-T IP explosion-proof mobile digital mobile wireless stations that are compliant with TETRA standard compliant systems. Today the Omsk Concern's digital communications system is based on infrastructure equipment made in Russia. All employees in the base station assembly shop were trained in Germany.

By working together with foreign companies, the company was able to implement German standards when producing the base stations Currently work proceeds as follows: The customer has a chance to become familiar with the capabilities of the equipment, and if he has no objections the rest of the order is sent to the customer.

Andrey Zverev, CEO of Ruselectronics, noted: "The main competitive advantage of the base station is its compliance with investigative equipment system requirements achieved by communicating the software's source code. This is an extremely important consideration for this equipment's customers."

Today in our country base stations that use closed source software are commonly used. They are able to transmit a number of system operating parameters to remote servers abroad (to the USA, Europe, and China), for example, without notifying Russian law enforcement agencies.

The production of TETRA standard digital mobile wireless communications systems and base stations is fully based on open-source software. These systems are certified for use by the Russian security services, which allows the system hardware to be used in investigative work.


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