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Strelets Control equipment and launching module for SA-24 SA-18 Igla
Strelets Igla Igla-S SA-24 Sa-18 automatic remote firing control launcher unit data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army defence industry


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General information
Strelets launch units and control equipment was developed and manufactured by the Russian Defence Company KBM Machinebuilding Design Bureau, Kolomna, to provide a remotely-controlled automated single/salvo missile launch capability. The idea of the system came after a request from representatives of foreign armies. The Strelets set is designed for remote automated firing of the Igla-S SA-24 Grinch and Igla-1 portable surface-to-air missiles by single shots, ripple fire or in salvo from different ground-based, airborne and sea-based platforms. Russia agreed in 2005 to sell Syria short-range anti-aircraft missile systems to bolster its capability to protect strategically important facilities from "potential air strikes." Latest pictures take during the conflict in Libya, show Strelets system mounted on light Toyota jeep of the Libyan armed forces.
Variants :
- The Strelets set can be installed on armoured vehicle, ship and helicopter

Technical data
The main set of the Strelets has the ability to launch portable air defense missile system (MANPADS), such as the Igla-1 (SA-18 Grouse) and Igla-S (SA-24 Grinch). The control equipment and launching modules is designed to remotely command single serial (2 to 8 missile) or salvo (two missiles from different modules) against a target, therefore increasing kill probability by improving the missile's no-escape zone. In addition, the Strelets which uses Russian portable missile as Igla, can also be adapted for a use with foreign missile as the Stinger or the Mistral.
The Strelets set can fired the missile 9M342 of SA-24 Grinch or 9M39 of SA-18 Grouse. The effectiveness of the 9M342 missile against air targets is attributed to the increase weight of the explosive in the missile's warhead and to the impact/proximity fuze enabling the missile to kill the target both in the event of a direct hit and when it passes at a distance of up to 1.5 m from the target.
The set comprises a universal launcher module for one to four missiles, control and communication equipment, one remote control box, checkout equipment and maintenance kit. The Strelets systems can be mounted on ground-based, airborne and sea based platforms. Its full-reloading time is 4 min, loaded launch unit weight - 70 kg, control equipment weight - 24 kg. The launch unit of this system is mounted on tracked or wheeled-type chassis and cannot be employed in a portable version.
Combat use
The tactical and technical characteristics of Strelets and Igla are the same, but Strelets must be mounted on a rail located in an ordinary vehicle (like a Jeep), the turret of an armored car, a patrol boat, or on the undercarriage of a helicopter gunship. Another fundamental difference between Strelets and Igla-S is that the targeting and control system of Igla is located on the launcher tube, while the control instruments of Strelets are removed from the launching sector. They are connected with the launcher by shielded electric cables or can be located in the cabin of the vehicle, the turret of the armored car, at the helicopter control panel, and on the bridge of the patrol boat. The Strelets launcher with a missile but without controls would be useless, including for terrorists, as targeting becomes impossible.
2 to 8 missiles 9M342 or 9M39
Country users
Libya, Syria, Russia.
Number of launch modules/missiles
up to 4/8
3 kg HE fragmentation with contact and proximity fuzing
Kill probability
one aircraft SAM 0,44-0,59
Effective range
500 to 6,000 m
Reaction time
6.6 s
launching modules with missiles: 70 kg
Control and communication: 3.5 kga
Time ready to combat
3 min.
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Strelets Igla Igla-S SA-24 Sa-18 automatic remote firing control launcher unit data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army defence industry
Strelets Igla Igla-S SA-24 Sa-18 automatic remote firing control launcher unit data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army defence industry



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