Finnish Sisu GTP 4x4 armored vehicle for Latvian army

Informally, the Latvian ministry of Defense has selected product of the Finnish company Sisu Auto in the 200 million-euro armored car procurement competition, as reported by Andris Karkluvalks on Delfi. Representatives of Latvia have tested the model "GTP 4x4", which won against the AM General “Humwee”, “Marauder LAV” and Turkish Otokar “Cobra".

Finnish Sisu GTP 4x4 armored vehicle for Latvian army
Sisu GTP 4x4 (Picture source: Sisu)

Currently, it is not specified which of the specified criteria for the selection of the Sisu GTP 4x4 has or have led to the decision. And the Ministry of Defense does not officially comment on whether the procurement commission has already decided on the winner.

The GTP 4x4 presented to the Latvians by Sisu is a new vehicle, unveiled on April 6, 2018. Without additional weapons, it weighs 14 tons, is 6 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. Its 6-cylinder diesel engine enables the vehicle to reach 100 km/h. The maximum range is set at 700 kilometers. Depending on the road conditions and tasks to be carried on, the vehicle can receive additional equipment, armament and cargo up to 4.5 tons. The conversion possibilities even during operations are a major advantage in terms of maintenance costs and longevity.

The GTP 4x4 is basically intended as a replacement for the Patria Pasi (originally Sisu Pasi), approaching its end of life. The Patria Pasi is still used in Estonia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ghana and Finland itself, as well as in some UN peacekeeping forces.

Finnish Sisu GTP 4x4 armored vehicle for Latvian army 2
Sisu GTP 4x4 (Picture source: Sisu)

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