MSPO 2018: WB GROUP Showcasing Upgrade Kit for ZU-23-2

At MSPO 2018, the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Poland, local company WB Group is showcasing its Upgrade Kit for ZU-23-2 23 mm Anti-Aircraft Twin-Barreled Autocannon.

MSPO 2018 WB GROUP Showcasing Upgrade Kit for ZU 23 2

Electromechanical Equipment ARM-28 is designed to upgrade the licensed anti-aircraft twin-barrelled autocannon ZU-23-2. The autocannon after modernization gains new features. Thanks to controlled digitally electric drives (with emergency manual drive) it is possible to achieve both precise guidance and high-speed gun movement.

Guidance can be carried out by operator using a joystick or automatically from the external fire control system (FCS). Electromechanical Equipment ARM-28 cooperates with modern optoelectronic sights that allow shooting with both traditional ammunition (OFZ, OFZT) and modern sub-calibre ammunition APDS-T. The control panel enables programming of no-shooting zones in azimuth and elevation.

Electromechanical equipment has a modular construction that offers significant advantage by allowing both easy and rapid integration of new hardware functional blocks and quick field repair.

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