Thales discloses new Ruggedised High Quality Zoom lens for security and surveillance missions 22011153

Milipol Paris 2015 pictures photos images video Worldwide International exhibition of internal State security information description photos images Paris France Porte de Versailles 17 - 20 November  2015
MILIPOL 2015 Show Daily News
Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security

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19 - 22 November 2015
Paris, France
Thales at Milipol 2015
Thales discloses new Ruggedised High Quality Zoom lens for security and surveillance missions
At the 19th edition of the Milipol exhibition in Paris, Thales is unveiling a new ruggedised 10x20 HD D/N zoom lens developed specifically for the security and surveillance market. The high definition lens is the only product of its kind available today, capturing very high-quality imagery in all operational conditions during the day and at night.
Thales discloses new Ruggedised High Quality Zoom lens for security and surveillance missions 640-001Thales' new 10x20 HD D/N ruggedised and high quality zoom lens
With State security increasingly under threat, protection and surveillance missions require highly capable optronics solutions offering the same levels of performance as military systems. As the European leader in optronic equipment, Thales draws on its extensive experience in the defence sector to propose a range of products tailored to the requirements of internal security services. Thales's ruggedised 10x20 HD D/N zoom lens is a valuable asset in the fight to control borders, protect sensitive sites such as airports and nuclear power plants, and provide security during major sporting or political events.

The new HD zoom lens features a variable focal length from 20 to 200 mm, F/6 for a 2/3 inch camera. While most of the optical systems available on the market today only offer adequate performance for facial recognition or license plate recognition at short range, the new Thales product makes it possible to detect an individual at 6 km, with recognition possible at 2 km and identification at a distance of up to 1 km. The zoom lens captures exceptionally sharp images at visible wavelengths and in the near infrared band.

The new product is primarily designed as a replacement for zoom lenses equipping current and new-generation gyrostabilised gimbalmounted cameras on helicopters and UAVs. It is also suitable for ruggedised cameras deployed by units on the ground. With its unique performance characteristics, this new product is expected to become a key component of protection and surveillance systems incorporating optical sensors.



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