Russian Eastern District snipers firing at super-long range

Cadets of an Eastern Military District sniper school are practicing new target engagement techniques at a super-long range at a training range in the Khabarovsk Territory in Russia’s Far East. Data transmitted by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is being used for target detection for the first time.

Russian Eastern District snipers firing at super long range 1
12.7mm ASVK Kord sniper rifle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"During the exercise, the snipers are firing ASVK Kord large-caliber rifles at maximum range. Before that, they are receiving target designation data from reconnaissance UAVs," the Defense Ministry press office said. "After approaching the target at a required distance and correlating the coordinates with terrain features, the snipers are delivering fire. The new technique makes it possible to destroy lightly-armored vehicles, antitank systems and manpower at a range of about 2 kilometers [1.2 miles]," the press office said.

Besides, the servicemen are practicing group firing with the use of SVD sniper rifles and covert displacement.

The exercise directors are operating unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor how well the troops are using camouflage methods. The use of drones allows sniper teams to assess the environment in advance, detect key targets and operate more effectively.

Russian Eastern District snipers firing at super long range 2
7.62mm SVDS sniper rifle (Picture source: Army Recognition)


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