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Mersad air defense system with Shahin missile
Mersad air defence system Shahin missile technical data sheet specifications description information intelligence identification pictures photos video Iran Iranian army defence industry military technology anti-aicraft

Mersad is an Iranian made advanced medium range Air defense missile system developed in 2010 It fires Shahin medium-range SAM (Sol-air missile) that was introduced around a year ago, though only recently entered into production. The Shahin was based off the HAWK medium-range SAM which was delivered to the Shah when Iran still maintained relations with the west. Mersad uses a series of domestically produced Radars and Electronic Devices, and according to Iranian engineers, he is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles. The Mersad air defense shield is a completely indigenized system developed by the Iranian experts and technicians to promote the country's combat power. Top Iranian air defense commanders announced Monday, June 13, 2011, that Iran (Iranian army air defense unit) has "successfully " test-fired a new home-made air defense system, called Mersad. The system was deployed in all Army Iranian air-defense units on June 2011 to boost the air-defense power.

Technical Data
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Missile support

As the American MIM-23 Hawk, the Mersad Shahin missile launcher unit is transported and launched from a towed triple-missile launcher.

The Mersad on the other hand is the name for the system as a whole, including the Shahin missile. It still retains the overall configuration of the original I-HAWK delivered to Iran, but there are some difference. According to the Iranian military, the Shahin are even more advanced than the 1970s-era United States-manufactured Hawk missiles. The Hawk missile has a range of 24 km with a 54 kg warhead, but the Shahin missiles is capable of tracing and targeting any enemy aircrafts at 70 to 150 km. All the sub-assemblies of Shahin missile have been digitized with solid state electronics, though this might not be unique to the Mersad program and may or may-not apply to the other HAWK systems in use. The Shahin missile has a slender cylindrical body and four long chord clipped delta-wings with an opening at the end, extending from mid-body to the slightly tapered boat-tail.
Radar and control systems

The Mersad system is equipped with sophisticated radar signal processing technology, an advanced launcher, and electronic targeting and guidance systems. The Mersad system used 4 radars: to detect (PAR - Pulse Acquistion Radar and CWAR - Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar), to track (CWAR and HPIR - High Power Illuminator Radar) and to engage (HPIR) targets. A new range detection radar is used as a backup to the main PAR Pulse Acquisition Radar. The pulse acquisition radar is a long range, high altitude search radar. The Mersad has also a new CWAR (Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar), which has been redesigned from a half-cylinder to a box shape. The HPIR (High Power Illuminating Radar) while remaining largely the same, has a new optical and/or laser "eye" on the upper portion. The Mersad is also equipped with a new supplemental HPIR radar.

Combat use
The Mersad system equipped with Shahin missiles is capable of tracing and targeting any enemy aircrafts at 70 to 150km altitude and is considered as a mid-altitude system among the country's missile defense shields.
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Low-to-High air defence missile system
Country users
Designer Country
Guidance system
Guidance command to line of sight


1,200 m/s
Two-stage solid propellant booster
Launch Weight
? kg
Warhead missile
20 kg
80 -100 km
Dimensions missile
Length, 5.08 m;
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Shahine missile launcher unit
Mersad air defence system Shahin missile technical data sheet specifications description information intelligence identification pictures photos video Iran Iranian army defence industry military technology anti-aicraft
CWAR Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
CWAR Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar
The Continuous wave system is used to detect targets.
HPIR High Power Illuminator Radar
Mersad air defence system Shahin missile HPIR High Power Illuminator Radar
The HPIR automatically acquires and tracks designated targets in azimuth, elevation and range.
New supplemental HPIR High Power Illuminator Radar
PAR Pulse Acquistion Radar
Mersad air defence system Shahin missile PAR Pulse Acquistion Radar
The pulse acquisition radar is a long range, high altitude search radar.
Pictures - Video
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Video Mersad Iranian air defence system with Shahin missile


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