Microsoft to continue supplying US Army with Augmented Reality headsets

In 2018, Microsoft signed an agreement with the Department of Defense to provide the US Army with 100,000 augmented vision headsets for its troops, TechSpot reminds. While based on HoloLens technology, the military-grade version will have custom software to provide night vision, communication, targeting, and threat recognition capabilities.

Microsoft to continue supplying US Army with Augmented Reality headsets
The US Army is to receive 100,000 Augmented Reality headsets (Picture source: TechSpot)

According to the contract proposal, the Army’s goals is to provide troops with “increased lethality, mobility, and situational awareness” during combat missions. The Israeli army, which has taken delivery of some HoloLens headsets, says the technology can be used to help commanders visualize the battlefield and field medics to consult doctors.

Being able to see a visualization of the combat zone can reduce collateral damage, and use by field medics has obvious life-saving benefits. Some would argue that such technology would reduce the overall casualties of war rather than increase them by making battles more precise and less drawn out.

Microsoft said it is willing to reassign employees who object to working on the project, but it is also committed to fulfilling the military contract.


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