Eurosatory 2018: Getac displayed MX50 notebook and X500 laptop

For nearly 30 years, GETAC has been a leading global manufacturer of rugged NoteBooks, notepads and solutions for the use of tactical information and tactical field management systems. GETAC masters the design of its products and meets the most stringent use criteria (readability in full sun, optimal processor power, reduced heat dissipation, high battery life, etc.). The company has a great knowledge of the constraints related to operating in difficult military environments. Hardened GETAC products are covered by an accidental breakage and damage warranty of three to seven years with removal and return on site included.

Eurosatory 2018 GETAC displayed MX50 notebook and X500 PC
Getac's hardened 15-inch X500 device is the brand's most powerful notebook available today, featuring the latest high-performance processors, Wi-Fi and connectivity tools (Picture source: GETAC)

The 5.7-inch MX50 tablet provides the user with the capabilities of a traditional notepad but with more power, security and features. The MX50 has the latest Intel processor (SOC) and offers soldiers high processing speeds with low power consumption, allowing them to view, process and send / receive data, access military applications, send information on friendly or enemy positions, respond to fire orders and receive orders from their command. The notepad has been rigorously tested and has received 810G and 461G military certifications. It meets the current quality criteria and future standards of the GSA, an agency of the US federal government. The 5.7-inch IPS screen offers a broad vision and offers Getac's LumiBond technology that allows use in direct sunlight and full sunlight (up to 480 nits). The notepad is also multi-touch allowing soldiers to use it with gloves, their finger or even with a pen even in the rain. The multidirectional rubber keys ensure the notepad uses even when the screen is broken.

The hardened 15-inch X500 device is the brand's most powerful notebook available today, featuring the latest high-performance processors, Wi-Fi and connectivity tools. This allows, for example, deployed soldiers to have fast access to data via high-intensity processes such as 3D mapping of an operation location, and to know the situation on the ground, while remaining agile in the field. environments

The Getac X500 mobile server is a portable device that looks like a hardened case attached that can store up to 6TB of data. This addresses the intensive data and cloud storage requirements for deploying soldiers, early intervention or team emergency response. It can be used to capture the analytical and mission data of demobilized troops, on the ground or in the air, using X500 laptops or other Getac device. Teams can also use the device to analyze the platform, mission and vehicle engine data to ensure operational continuity in demanding environments.


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