EDEX 2018: M-46-1M self-propelled howitzer makes first public appearance

A new version of the locally-made M-46-1M 130 mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer has been showcased for the first time at EDEX 2018. Unveiled in 2016 by the Egyptian Army, the M-46-1M is now based on a Kraz 6x6 truck chassis.

M 46 self propelled howitzer 6x6 picture 001
The M-46-1M self-propelled howitzer at EDEX 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

Introduced for the first time to the public at EDEX 2018, the M-46-1M “is a sample of our capability on adapting towed artillery to be self-propelled”, says the Egyptian Ministry of Defense.

The gun system is mounted on a Kraz 6×6 wheeled vehicle to enhance gun mobility. It is intended for use by infantry, special operations forces and as artillery support for border security forces. It is developed using a Russian-made M-46 130mm towed gun mounted at the rear of the truck chassis. The M-46-1M features the truck with cabin reportedly armoured at Level 2 NATO STANAG 4569.

This artillery system has a combat weight of 23 tons. It features automatic laying and relaying capability, hydraulic gun control, direct shooting ability, and an independent power pack. It can be operational in less than 90 seconds and carries 20 rounds on board.

The M-46 has been designed and manufactured in Russia since the 1950s. The M-46 was first seen in public in May 1954 and originally was known in the West as the M1954.

Ammunition originally included HE fragmentation, Armour Piercing solid shot, smoke, illuminating and chemical. HE shells weigh some 33 kg. Maximum rate of fire is 5 -6 rounds/minute, and about 70 rounds/hour with a maximum range of 27.1 km.

M 46 self propelled howitzer 6x6 picture 002
The M-46-1M self-propelled howitzer at EDEX 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)


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