KBM's 9K333 Verba Man-Portable Air Defense System makes international debut in India 22903161

Defexpo 2016 Show Daily News
Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition

28 - 31 March 2016
Goa , India
KBM at Defexpo 2016
KBM's 9K333 Verba Man-Portable Air Defense System makes international debut in India
For the 9th edition of Defexpo exhibition, being held until March 31 in Goa (India), the Russian defense company KBM is showcasing its brand-new 9K333 man-portable air-defense system. According to the KBM, the Verba MANPADS is making its international debut this week at Defexpo 2016.
KBM K333 Verba Man Portable Air Defense System makes international debut in India 640 001KBM's 9K333 Verba MANPADS showcased for the first time outside of Russia at Defexpo 2016
The new weapon entered service with the Russian Army in 2014. It was first unveiled in public last year at Arms 2015 expo in Moscow. The 9K333 Verba was originally developed as a replacement for the 9K38 Igla. First batchs of Verba MANPADS have been delivered to the russian army last year under the first contract awarded in 2013, including four brigade sets for the Russian army and four division sets for Russia's airborne troops.

The VERBA launcher unit consists of one tube missile launcher, a 9P521 launcher; a Maugli-2M (1PN97) infrared imaging sight mounted to the left of the tube launcher and one 1L229V ground-based IFF interrogator.

The VERBA 9K333 MANPADS can hit targets at ranges from 500 to 6,500 meters, at an altitudes of up to 4.5 kilometers, and at a speed of up to 500 meters/second.

The Verba`s command & control (C2) system allows to detect aerial targets (including the target sets), to determine the flight variables and even to distribute the acquired targets between launching units operators. The VERBA 9K333 uses a new integrated automated control system (ACS) terminal offering the possibility to fire individually and as part of the battery.


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