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Sunday, December 18, 2011, 10:46 AM

Nexter Systems proposes VBCI vehicle for Close Combat Vehicle CCV program of Canadian Army.

Nexter Systems wishes to confirm it has submitted two bids in response to the Government of Canada’s Request for Proposals for the Close Combat Vehicle (CCV) program. The first solution proposed is the VBCI 25 equipped with a 25 mm one-man turret, which is based upon the vehicle currently in use by the French Army. The second is the VBCI 30. It utilizes the same platform, but is equipped with the 30mm two man HITFIST turret manufactured by Oto Melara Finmeccanica.

Nexter Systems wishes to confirm it has submitted two bids in response to the Government of Canada’s Request for Proposals for the Close Combat Vehicle (CCV) program. The first solution proposed is the VBCI 25 equipped with a 25 mm one-man turret, which is based upon the vehicle currently in use by the French Army.
Nexter Systems VBCI armoured infantry combat vehicle is currently used in Afghanistan by French Army

Both bid submissions are based upon the combat-proven VBCI, which is the only wheeled 8x8 platform, developed from its inception as a combat vehicle designed to operate with tracked main battle tanks (MBTs). Together, the two bids represent a significant commitment and investment by Nexter to the CCV program to offer the widest choice of capability to the Canadian Forces. Both vehicles are undergoing rigorous testing in evaluation trials at the Aberdeen Test Center, Maryland USA.

“We believe we have an absolutely superb product to offer the Canadian Army,” said Patrick Lier, Vice President Sales & Business Development North America. “This is a state of the art military platform which provides substantially enhanced protection for soldiers from various threats, and most importantly, from improvised explosive devices which have claimed the lives of so many soldiers in recent years,” he added.

“Overall,” said Lier, “the VBCI offers the best combination of mobility and firepower at an affordable cost without any compromise in protection " The fact that it is a wheeled vehicle means its life-cycle costs are significantly lower than similar tracked vehicles, not forgetting the basic aspects of crew comfort.” He added that “importantly, the maturity of the VBCI platform removes much of the program risk and uncertainty associated with the procurement of new and unproven vehicles. "

Nexter has delivered more than 300 vehicles out of a total of 630 ordered by the French Army. The VBCI is currently in service in Afghanistan as part of the NATO combat mission and in Lebanon on UN peacekeeping duty, where it has shown its robustness in terms of operational availability and security following hazardous IED attacks.

"Nexter has attached great importance to fulfilling the IRB obligations required to deliver the CCV program in Canada which require that 100 percent of the value of the contract be spent in Canada. Indeed, Nexter sourcing teams have been busy for more than two years initially identifying over two hundred potential suppliers. As the process advanced, more than one hundred were visited and of these over thirty were formally consulted and now form the core of our bid."

Various Canadian companies are part of the Nexter proposal across all regions of Canada. They include prominent ones such as Bombardier Transport North America, which has the capability to conduct the complete build and assembly of the vehicle, Prevost Bus as suppliers of the power pack and driveline, and Raytheon Canada, which will provide in-service support. Nexter has also registered Nexter Canada Incorporated (NCI), based in Ottawa. NCI will be the business platform and program office to lead the delivery of CCV.

“We at Nexter are also very excited about the potential industrial opportunities and partnerships that are part of our bid,” said Lier. “While French firms, including Nexter’s predecessor Giat Industries, have sold equipment to the Canadian Forces before, this is the first time a French defence company has submitted a bid on a major Canadian Army combat vehicle program. We see tremendous possibilities to expand areas of research and development, technology transfer and support. Our objective is to have Canadian companies as part of Nexter’s “global value chain.”

Nexter has a proven track record of delivering quality equipment and following up with long-term product support. The French Ministry of Defence recently recognised VBCI as one of their top 10 performing programs citing on time delivery and consistent high quality. “We are totally committed to Canada’s CCV program,” said Lier. “The Nexter team is ready to work closely with the Canadian Government to ensure the men and women of the Canadian Army have a close combat vehicle capable
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