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CMI Defence CPWS 20-25-30 Cockerill Protected Weapon Station
for medium calibre
CMI Defence CPWS 20-25-30 Cockerill Protected Weapon Station
At Eurosatory 2012, the Belgian Defence Company CMI Defence unveils a new turret in its range of products, the Cockerill CPWS (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station) 20-25-30 medium calibre protected weapon station. Acclaimed for its low-weight, high-impact, weapon systems, CMI Defence takes an innovative yet practical approach to designing turrets and weapon stations, using flexible modular architectures.

At Eurosatory 2014, CMI Defence has integrated its Cockerill CPWS weapon station fitted with a 25mm cannon onto a VAB 6x6 armoured personnel carrier of Renault Trucks Defense, on a CRAB 4x4 from Panhard Defense and a 30mm version of its CPWS on a 8x8 BTR-3. The Cockerill remote-operated weapon station (CPWS – Cockerill Protected Weapon Station) developed by CMI Defence has remarkable firepower, and its stabilised panoramic optics give it a high-performance allweather observation capability. The Cockerill CPWS is designed to incorporate the 20-30mm automatic weapon that best meets the User’s needs. These types of armament are capable of engaging targets at ranges of up to 2000 metres. Unlike many competing systems, the turret allows access to the armament and the ammunition feed system from inside the vehicle, thus permitting reloading under armour. The Cockerill CPWS typically has a total ammunition capacity of 150 medium-calibre rounds, depending on the type of weapon fitted. The turret is equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted coaxially with the main armament.

The Cockerill CPWS provides a uniquely attractive combination of firepower and protection at very low weight and permits advanced high-lethality to be provided to light and highly-mobile armoured vehicles.
The CPWS turret can be armed with 20, 25, or 30 mm cannon.
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Technical Data
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The independence of CMI Defence enables to offer tailored solutions to meet the ever demanding operational needs of armed forces worldwide, also taking into account their existing fleets. The CPWS is designed to incorporate the 20 mm to 30 mm calibre automatic gun that best meets the user’s needs. The list below gives a few examples: CPWS20 with 20mm cannon, CPWS25 with 25mm cannon (ATKM242, Nexter or Oerlikon KBA) or CPWS30 with 30mm cannon (ATKM230LF).
The CPWS station is also equipped with a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and can accommodate various additional systems such as grenade launchers. The ammunition rack system has a total capacity of 150 distributed munitions, in two types of munitions depending on the weaponry.
The CPWS station is equipped with a dual-mode high-performance stabilised sight system used in observation mode for a panoramic 360° view without moving the station, and in firing mode as a targeting system linked with the ballistics computer system.
Design and Protection
The CPWS turret of CMI Defence is dsigned on a flexible modular architecture to integrate proven technologies into a protected weapon station which can be armed with different types of medium calibre guns from 20 to 30 mm. The innovative concept presented by CMI Defence provides protection for the equipment and the operator during loading operations and access to the systems. The weapon station is equipped with an hatch enabling observation, non-threatening forward movement and evacuation of the crew. Its stealth profile and its alternatives of levels of ballistic protection play a large role in the survival of the vehicle that the CPWS equips. In addition, the CPWS can accommodate different protection and detection systems.
Main Characteristics
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The range of Cockerill medium calibre weapon stations is based on the proven cutting-edge architectures and designs in CMI Defence’s range of weapons systems.
Weapon station with access to the
equipment under protection.
Dual mode sighting system for panoramic observation and firing:
- 2 axis stabilised
- Day/night (thermal camera)
- Laser range finderaaa
Fast motion electro-mechanical power control system
- n x 360° rotation
- Maximum depression/elevation: -10° to +45°
Ballistics computer to engage ground and low speed airborne targets
Digital electronic architecture (CAN Bus)
Fully stabilised weapon station allowing
firing on the move and at moving targets
Display for the operator providing:
- Access to images of sighting systems
- Station operation control
- Close situational awareness system
Secondary armament:
- 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun
- Providing for integration of grenade launchers of different calibres (66 mm, 76 mm, ...)
Ballistic protection up to Level 4 (STANAG
4569) with add-on armour
CPWS is designed to incorporate the 20 mm to 30 mm calibre automatic gun of choice
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CMI Defence CPWS 20-25-30 Cockerill Protected Weapon Station
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