The Belgian firearms manufacturer FN Herstal has launched in 2008 the development of a new family of Remotely operated controlled Weapon Stations (RWS) starting with the deFNder™ Light followed in 2010 by the deFNder™ Medium.

The Vigil AAD is an electronic-pyrotechnic device that automatically opens the main or reserve parachute container at a preset altitude or after a preset time. AADs are typically used to open the reserve parachute container at a preset altitude if the descent rate exceeds a preset activation speed.

The Land Component , formerly the Belgian Army, is the land-based service of the Belgian Armed Forces. The total active manpower is around 11,300 military personnel, with 1 Mechanised Brigade with 4 mechanised battalions, 1 Light Brigade with 2 airborne battalions and 1 light infantry battalion, 1 ISTAR battalion, 1 artillery battalion, 1 mortar batallion, 1 air defense battalion, 1 EOD unit, 1 NBC Company, 1 MP Company, 2 engineer battalions, 3 logistic battalions, 1 movement control group,3 Communication and Information Group, 4 training camps.

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