AUSA 2019: Plasan North America most advanced armor solutions for combat and tactical vehicles

Recently, Plasan was selected by many military programs at the international level, including the Phase I demonstration effort, with the US Army Vehicle Protection Systems Program, to demonstrate Plasan’s Razor A-ERA Technology for defeating unique threats, as well as the development and supply an Improved Underbelly Mine Protection Solution for the Bradley IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).

Plasan North America most advanced armor solutions for combat and tactical vehicles AUSA 2019 925 001
Plasan developed, designed and manufactured the latest generation of armor solutions that can be used for land, navy and air platforms. (Picture source Plasan)

Plasan also won the General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada bid to develop and supply unique Energy Attenuating Seats for the Canadian Army LAV 6.0 Command Post Vehicles.

Plasan is an International company with R&D and manufacturing facilities in Israel, US, and France plus broader partner network. Plasan is known for providing the leading combat and tactical platforms around the world with the most advanced armor solutions. Plasan North America (PNA) supports this reputation with a local, US-based, manufacturing capability providing comprehensive solutions for armor, composite, and commercial steel fabrication.

The close relationship between PNA and its parent company, Plasan Sasa, Ltd., allows a quick path for innovative Israeli technology to enter the US marketplace. The linkage between companies allows PNA to reach back capability to the nearly 100 engineers and scientists working to solve the most challenging survivability problems. This group has designed over 400 different armor solutions for tactical and combat vehicles, maritime platforms, airborne platforms, and critical assets protection.

Plasan North America’sagility, cost-effectiveness and a customer-centric approach, provides the subcontracting know-how to meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, their state-of-the-art 150,000 sq. ft. facility is ideally located nearby to the upper mid-west hub of armored vehicle production in the country. This close proximity reduces lead time and shipping costs, saving the OEM customer time and money.

Plasan has developed and designed the latest technologies of armor solutions that were selected by many international military programs including MRAP, MTVR and M-ATV in the US, Hawkei in Australia and many European armored vehicles programs. Today, on the modern battlefield, the Plasan armor is used and mounted to more than 20,000 combat and tactical vehicles and also on helicopters and transport aircraft saving the lives of soldiers.

Plasan North America most advanced armor solutions for combat and tactical vehicles AUSA 2019 925 002
Canadian LAV 6.0 wheeled armored vehicle. (Picture source Plasan)

For many years, Plasan was recognized by military and security customers as an expert in the development of survivability solutions for land vehicles, airborne platforms and personal protection. Plasan provides lightweight, cost-effective protection against all levels of ballistic threats, up to STANAG levels 5 and 6, as well as against fragmentation and spalls.

Plasan design composite armor solutions customised to meet with specific customer requirements that include threat levels, weight and cost. Advanced armor of lightweight composite materials exhibits Plasan’s materials expertise, as it can be made of ceramic composite, steel-based / steel composite solutions, fabrics and other advanced materials.
Spall liners within the armored vehicle absorb the impact associated with blast and spall, thereby increasing the survivability of personnel. Made of lightweight composite materials, Plasan’s spall liners preserve the vehicle’s maneuverability and functionality, and they can be quickly and easily fitted in the field.

Plasan has developed and designed its own technology of armor to provide modern and innovated solutions against the new threats of the battlefield including RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenades) with Hybrid Slat Fence (HSF) and Hybrid Slat Fence (HSF), and the blast of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). The Hybrid Slat Fence is a lightweight flexible steel and composite bar armor that offers high survivability for soldiers and the vehicle hull. Plasan’s HSF can be installed over openings and transparent areas in the vehicle, providing maximal levels of protection without causing the vertigo effect for crewmembers. The system can also be quickly installed - or removed - by soldiers in the field.

The Fex Fence is a passive RPG defeat armor with advanced neutralisation mechanism, designed for maximum protection at a lightweight. It can be easily mounted onto any hull or existing platform or structure.

Plasan North America most advanced armor solutions for combat and tactical vehicles AUSA 2019 925 004
Plasan has also developed, designed and delivered 3 unique armor shipsets for the new US Navy DDG1000 Zumwalt-class destroyers. (Picture source Plasan)

Plasan is not only involved with armor protection for land platforms but also in the Naval Defense Area. Plasan was selected to design and produce armor protection for Britain’s new Type 26 frigate and the Company has also developed, designed and delivered 3 unique armor shipsets for the new US Navy DDG1000 Zumwalt-class destroyers.

In February 2018, Plasan has signed a contract with BAE Systems, for the armoring of Type 26 Global Combat Ships for the UK Royal Navy. During the last few years, Plasan has been developing armor systems to address the protection requirements of modern maritime armored vessels. These new advanced lightweight armor systems allowed Plasan to win major competitions held by Naval OEMs and Plasan is today teamed to design and produce unique armor systems for new and modern designs of Frigates and Destroyers.

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